Malaguena, 2000
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas
60 x 60 inches

American artist Briggs experiments with methods for using color as a means of expression. In the 1980s, Briggs began to explore monotype as a medium for creative expression and has produced over two thousand monotypes Artist Lamar Briggs gained national recognition for acrylic abstractions early in his career. He is considered a “colorist” and continually explores new materials and since his early exploration. His command of color and mastery of printmaking allows him to incorporate chine colle (a process used for adding color and support to the paper, and for providing varied texture of different absorbent qualities), collage, woodcutting, pochoir, and etching to create painterly, mixed media monotypes on special papers from Japan and France. (Japanese papers used are gampi, tori-no-ko gampi and mitsumata imported by Briggs.) His work, both mixed media monotypes and large acrylic paintings, are inspired by nature, music and a desire to share a positive view of the world. Symbolic references are incorporated in the work. Although he approaches his work from a scholarly viewpoint, it appears to be spontaneous and rhythmic and allows objects to speak through the tones and variations of hue, undiluted by form or perspective. Briggs’ work is regularly shown in both American and European galleries and is included in many public and private collections internationally.

*currently not on view