Ernesto Gutierrez (Peruvian, born 1939)
Isidora, 2006
Oil on canvas
25 x 21 ¼ inches

Ernesto Gutierrez’ work pays homage to the ancient world of the Incas, interpreting that world into shapes, forms, and brilliant colors of the twenty-first century. The large faces he uses appear to be stoic and serene like the proud ancient society they represent, but reveal an individual strength and personality. He clothes his personalities in costumes of organic looking forms and shapes of iridescent shocking pinks, oranges, purples, greens, and vibrant ochres, with placement of color reminiscent of designs used in Peruvian weavings. A white light that provides sharp edges within the composition shapes the hats, capes, billowing skirts, and facial features. Gutierrez applies paint to the canvas in parallel broken brush strokes that are expressionistic in nature. His work is evocative and offers a revelation into the mysterious culture of the ancient Incas. Gutierrez was trained in Lima and at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro. In 1972, he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and studied at the University of Wisconsin.