Hot Center, 1990
UB #2 acrylic on masonite
“Decades of Light Julian Stanczak Limited Edition Book”
16 ½ x 14 ½ inches

The first to use undulating lines to produce unsettling forms that seemed to shiver and throb with light, Polish/American artist Julian Stanczak secured the position of leader of the “Op Art” (“Optical Art”) movement which enjoyed great notoriety in the 1960s and 1970s. After a one-person exhibition at the Martha Jackson Gallery in New York, art critics coined the term “Op Art” to describe his work. Stanczak disliked the term and preferred “perceptual art” because of the interaction of color and geometric form. His work reflects a mastery of the dynamic interplay of color and light. Despite his objections to the phrase “Op Art,” it has become a recognized style of art and continues to attract significant attention. Stanczak was greatly influenced by Joseph Albers, the great prophet of color theory and an advocate of Bauhaus precision.