2013 05 01 10.53.58 Horses on the Moors

Horses on the Moors by Boguslaw Lustyk


Horses on the Moors
Pastel on paper
29 x 34 ½ inches

A graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and successful graphic designer specializing in poster design in Poland, Polish artist Lustyk left the commercial side of art in 1973 to concentrate on painting for himself. Lustyk has exhibited in America, Europe, and Australia. Horses are a symbol of life to Lustyk and are the primary inspiration for his work. As a young child in occupied Warsaw, Lustyk’s exposure to the screams of injured and dying horses during the German occupation influenced not only his art but also his personal involvement with the horse industry. Lustyk has written and published a powerful book entitled, Oh, You Beautiful Horse. Eighty-five Polish poems about different aspects of life are beautifully illustrated using the horse as a metaphor or the different themes. The book serves as an inspiration for his paintings. Lustyk paints the horse, not as a perfect drawing, but with the excitement, the romantic atmosphere, and graceful movement of its spirit He approaches his work as a progression toward capturing that spirit. Many works hang side by side unfinished and changing frequently during the creative process. The finished product is dramatic and full of motion and expression. The exaggerated use of color reminds the viewer of the Fauve Movement with the visual and emotional appeal of Derain and Matisse. Lustyk came to the United States in 1994. The official Kentucky Derby artist for the 124th running of the Derby, he designed posters, tickets and program covers for the 1998 Kentucky Derby and for the Kentucky Oaks. He was the artist in resident at the Kentucky Horse Park in 1995-96, and was the official artist for the Virginia Gold Cup in 2000. Lustyk also paints the human figure in motion, and focuses on the movement of dancers comparing them to the spirit of the dance or music. His primary medium is pastels incorporating the use of glazes, collages, mixed medium and different papers.