Friesian Study
56 x 40 ½ inches

American artist John S. Hockensmith—artist, businessman, and photographer—studied art for two years at Georgetown College in ’73 and ’74, and then began his professional career in Frankfort in 1975.  With thirty years in the photographic profession, he has consistently pursued the fine arts and exhibited paintings, sculptures and photographs in museums and galleries throughout the Bluegrass Region.  Various works of his art are in collections throughout the United States as well as Japan and other countries.

About the art– The face of history is painted with light form a distant stall window.  One eye peers from behind the fall of forelock of this Friesian.  In that one mirror to his soul, one can sense the intelligence and beautiful nature of this old breed of horse that makes it an excellent dressage horse for modern times.

*Currently not on view.