Evolving Autumn- William Andrus


Evolving Autumn, 2007
Oil on canvas
20 x 38 inches

“For me, painting is a celebration of a medium that is quite alive.  It continues to validate itself and it challenges today’s contemporary hierarchy by way of reflection.  Painting relives its alchemical past to its benefit and is constantly challenged by it. ” William Mathew Andrus

American artist William Mathew Andrus earned a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Kentucky in 2007 and has exhibited and taught at various locations in this area.  Relationships are key to both his painting process and the experience of his works.  He is inspired by the history of painting, particularly by Impressionism and Abstract Expressionism, and views his works within the context of previous movements.  He also speaks of the viewing experience as a “meditative dialogue” between artist and viewer.