Echoes in the Aftermath


Echoes in the Aftermath, 2001
Acrylic on canvas
69 ½ x 120 inches

A Fort Lauderdale art dealer, who represented notable artists such as surrealist painter Roberto Matta, American artist Matthew Carone began to produce his own work at the insistence of his late wife Jodie. His large-scale canvases reflect spontaneity of color, texture and emotional tangle of line that instantly attracts the viewer. Carone maintains that his work is drawn from the subconscious and his process of subject matter selection is influenced by his dreams, which are about different shapes and forms and vigorous movement. The activities of his humanoid abstract figures usually displayed against multihued backgrounds are reminiscent of the work of the Surrealists, Matta, Gorky, DeKooning and Francis Bacon. These large-scale figures radiate movement and tension demanding the viewer’s attention. Although color blind, Carone attributes his rich and dramatic use of color to his ability to see values, not colors, allowing him to be more sensitive to lights and darks.