Crochet III, 1998
Mixografia® print on handmade paper
Edition of 50, 13/50
Frame: 29 ½ x 34 ½ inches, paper: 28 x 33 inches

Born in France, Louise Bourgeois began as a painter and engraver, turning to sculpture in the late 1940s. As a young adult Bourgeois assisted her mother in her tapestry workshop. Her work, holding surrealist undertones with a distinctive style consists of anthropomorphic forms charged with sexual allusions. In 1998 she created a series of five prints, each featuring a red, looped and knotted fiber-like construction raised in relief on a white background. Crochet III has a triangular design and reminds the viewer of Bourgeois’ experience at her parents’ workshop.

“The Thread expresses the uninterrupted passage of time. Mending, crocheting, and braiding mirror the endless rhythm of the metronome. Like the river flowing down a mountain, they are symbols of continuity.”

Statement by Louise Bourgeois regarding the Crochet series