Bee Bop Bostic, 2002
Poke berry juice ink and acrylic paint
32 x 28 inches

The title of the piece comes from the African American Bee Bop and Jazz musician Earl Bostic from New Orleans. An American artist, Williams became interested in Black Jazz and Bee Bop while serving in the U.S. Navy from 1953-57.  Williams has art degrees in Painting and Sculpture from the University of Alabama and an MFA degree in Conceptual Mixed Media from the University of Kentucky.  A retired professor of art at Georgetown College during his 35-year tenure built the sculpture and photography programs from scratch.  He was also active in arranging exhibitions and adding to the permanent collection through the exhibitions.  Williams exhibited widely while teaching at Georgetown College with exhibitions in New York City, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama and others.  He also promoted student’s work off campus.  He now resides in Georgetown where he has a garage studio for Painting and Printmaking (etchings, drypoint engravings and woodcuts).