Basque Suite #5
Screen print artist proof
49 x 36 inches

Robert Motherwell, trained originally in philosophy, graduated from the School of Art History and Architecture at Columbia University, New York in 1940 and joined a group of artists–including Jackson Pollock, William de Kooning, Mark Rothko and Franz Kline–challengers of the traditional way of painting. By “peeling away” what is not essential and presenting only the necessary, they explored a deeper sense of reality beyond the recognizable image, creating works revealing emotional depth. Motherwell worked in a range of media, from painting to drawing and collage, using dramatic and energetic brush strokes and a restricted palette of black, white, and red, going back and forth between representation and abstraction. Painter, printmaker, teacher, and writer, Robert Motherwell is known as one of the founders of Abstract Expressionism, the movement that shifted the art world’s center from Paris to New York.