Aqua Duct

HAP TIVEY (1947-)

Aqua Duct, 1978-79
Mixed media on canvas
48 x 48 inches

Currently a professor at Bard College, American artist Hap Tivey teaches digital art with an emphasis on science. Professor Tivey explains his art as two-fold in purpose: The science of investigating light and the nature of perception. A trip to Japan in the 1970s inspired a series of paintings on the ancient architecture of bridges and causeways using a cover screen of polycoat stretched about 1 to 1 ½ inches from the canvas of the painting to produce an optical surface diffusing the light. To produce his paintings he often uses many mediums, including metal leaf, to enhance the diffusion of light through the screen. This process of layering and using different lighting environments allows the viewer to experience different light illusions. Professor Tivey currently works in sculpture with materials that produce a responsive surface to light. His wife, Liza Todd Tivey, is an equine sculptor. Her sculpture, Nashua, was installed in Lexington in the 1980s.