photo e1367419269946 Untitled from the Hill Country Series

Untitled from the Hill Country Series by Joe Daun

Joe Daun (American, born 1967)
Untitled from the Hill Country Series, 2002
Color photograph

Photographer Joe Daun’s work captivates the viewer. By using subject matter that is often considered less than appealing and amplifying them in size, he forces us to look at objects from a new perspective. His skills as a photographer are obvious, his creativity exciting. Daun photographs subject matter such as the common cactus and thistle in natural light and transforms them into true objects of beauty, surrounding them with beautiful, lush, red velvet material. His still life presentation of the objects is absolutely stunning. He uses the negative process by taking 4×5 transparencies changing them to 4×5 internegatives and then printing.

*Currently on view in the President’s Office