The Cochenour Gallery brings to campus artwork by new, emerging, or experimental artists for the enrichment of the college and local community.

Interpretations of Landscape

Current Exhibition:


January 20th – March 2th
Ford LetGoDiveIn Image (1024x820)

Let Go, Dive In, Feel Up
Jake Ford

Opening Reception: January 29th, 2016 from 3 to 5pm

Exhibition Statement:
For all animals play is an essential part of healthy physical, mental, and social development. Play is used to learn social roles and behavior according to the accepted cultural norms. However, living in a world where social norms and personal identity are in constant flux we are often confronted with situations that challenge our beliefs we learned as children. To exist in this new world of acceptance and equality we need to learn new roles or even reject categorization in general.

Let Go, Dive In, Feel Up comes from my own exploration with identity and the awkward confrontations, internally and with others, which often occur along this journey. Play allows for an uninhibited state where desire and innocence flow freely from the unconscious. Acting as a mask, play allows people to assume roles outside of their comfort zones and enter into intimate interactions. This confrontation with an alien experience is the space my work occupies. Through performance and interactive work I challenge people to defy their expectations about their personal barriers and perspectives on reality.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

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April 8th – May 1st
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