The Cochenour Gallery brings artwork by new, emerging, or experimental artists from all over the world to Georgetown College. Located in the Ensor Learning Resource Center and adjacent to the Jacobs Gallery, the Cochenour Gallery is an intimate exhibition space. The Cochenour garners a lot of foot traffic from both students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors. The Wilson Gallery is 360 square feet with 8 foot ceilings. To submit a proposal for an exhibition in the Cochenour, please visit our Exhibitions and Public Art Proposals page.

  • Located in the Ensor learning Resource Center
  • Open Monday–Friday 12–4:30pm or by appointment at 502-863-8399
  • Closed on holidays and campus breaks

    Interpretations of Landscape

    Current Exhibition:

    Gelato in Hand
    Ariel Sniegowski
    B.A. Exhibition
    May 5th – June 4th, 2016

    Ariel Sniegowski was born in Hong Kong and experienced a childhood referencing Japanese, Chinese, and American cultures. Even before being capable of writing her name, she took an interest in conveying visuals into languages by commissioning drawings from her mother. Ariel continued to study the arts privately and in classes in California, Utah, and Kentucky. In 2010, she attended the Governor’s School for the Arts, and in 2011, she placed 1st in painting at KyAEA All State. Most recently, she completed an extensive Grand Tour of Europe (Rome, Paris etc.) as well as the Persian Gulf (Abu Dhabi). Informed by travels, her latest expo offers a unique take on the classical tradition, where the tradition itself is as much our export onto the ancients as it is our inheritance:

    In Rome, my compass for deciphering mimicry wavered. Hustled off the train, en masse with tourists, I found it hard to differentiate American replicas from its older counterparts. Those stones looked too recent, those buildings too bubble-like. Was this an amusement park that I had been shuttled to? Gelato in hand, I wondered how to differentiate between copy and original in a museum without labels. I looked over: overzealous tourists shoving viewers out of the way for a chance to get a selfie with a highly tagged original.

    — A. Sniegowski (2016)

    The Galleries at Georgetown College are pleased to present Gelato in Hand…, a B.A. exposition by Ariel Sniegowski, from May 5th through June 3rd, 2016.

    Ariel’s work can also currently be seen at the University Open 2016 at ArtsPlace in Lexington, KY. The exhibition is open May – June, 2016.

    Fall 2016

    Gui Silva
    9/9/16 – 10/5/16

    Homecoming Exhibition curated by the students of Curatorial Studies
    10/14/16 – 11/4/16

    State of Fine Arts
    11/16/16 – 12/16/16

    Spring 2017

    Mike Nichols
    1/16/17 – 2/22/17
    Artist’s Wesbite

    Elizabeth Claffey
    3/1/17 – 3/31/17
    Artist’s Website

    2017 Seniors from the Georgetown College Art Department
    4/12/17 – 5/3/17

    More information on all future exhibitions coming soon