The Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Gallery brings artwork by new, emerging, or experimental artists from all over the world to Georgetown College. Located in the Fine Arts Building, the Wilson Gallery is not only an incredible exhibition space, but also allows visiting artists to interact with students during installation. The Wilson Gallery is 2,028 square feet with 16 foot ceilings. To submit a proposal for an exhibition in the Wilson, please visit our Exhibitions and Public Art Proposals page.

Zakic, Graham, Kincer — 30 1/2
Faculty Exhibition, Spring 2015

Current Exhibition:


January 22th – March 9th

The Lake of Melchizedek
Daniel Graham


Excerpt from Daniel’s exhibition statement:

“Based out of the 14th chapter in the book of Genesis, this large kinetic installation confronts the notion of intervention and the current religious trend of solid state belief.

Inspired by these ideas and questions, this exhibition uses the boat as a metaphor for the individual, their path and progression. The boats flow and culminate at a writing desk, a place of communication and communion. The buckets of water that would regularly be “the lake” by which the boats float, start beneath the boats that are raised above. And the place in which we should be, above water and in the boat, is where we find ourselves not being. Rather we find ourselves outside of the boats, watching them from below. The writing desk, the place where we would express and address is found where it is not expected, below the boats as well. The chair from which one would interact with the desk is separated from its pairing across the exhibition space. I see the desk as the form of God, and the Chair that of the Christ. We find them there to meet us outside the current and outside of the boat, below the surface and it is only through the chair that we can interact with the desk.”

Upcoming Exhibitions

Bluegrass Printmakers’ Cooperative
March 23 – May 2, 2016


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