The Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Gallery brings artwork by new, emerging, or experimental artists from all over the world to Georgetown College. Located in the Fine Arts Building, the Wilson Gallery is not only an incredible exhibition space, but also allows visiting artists to interact with students during installation. The Wilson Gallery is 2,028 square feet with 16 foot ceilings. To submit a proposal for an exhibition in the Wilson, please visit our Exhibitions and Public Art Proposals page.

  • Located in the Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Building
  • Open Wednesday–Friday 12–4:30pm, or by appointment at 502-863-8399
  • Closed on holidays and campus breaks


Zakic, Graham, Kincer — 30 1/2
Faculty Exhibition, Spring 2015

Current Exhibition

Nunca Pasa Nada

Works by Bethany Springer

August 16-September 21, 2017

Closing Reception Thursday September 21, 6-8 PM

Nunca Pasa Nada by Bethany Springer
A Critique, by Grace James

Grace James is a Sophomore Art Student at Georgetown College, and Gallery Attendant at the Galleries at Georgetown.

Sculptural artist Bethany Springer was born in 1975 in Washington D.C. She received a B.A. in Studio Art from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and a M.F.A. in Sculpture from the University of Georgia. Springer currently resides in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where she is a Professor of Art at the University of Arkansas. She creates sculpture that reflects our rapidly advancing western civilization.
Nunca Pasa Nada is a collection of five large-scale works, now on display in the Wilson Fine Arts Gallery at Georgetown College. The exhibition has a distinctly modern and industrial feel, while hinting of how the world once was. This link between the contemporary world and the past makes one ponder on what has changed between then and now. The unmistakable star of this show is the great, elegant plywood table, The Swell, which is centrally located within the gallery. While this piece may not be as large as The Wake, a massive wall constructed within the gallery from large panels of heavy sheet metal, it is the most striking piece in the exhibition. This undulating table is the perfect example of simplicity and grace. Yes, it is just a table, and yes, it is made of simple, untreated wood, but its rolling waves are what create such a remarkable piece. The inspiration for The Swell was traditional Shaker furniture, but the materials used and the flowing undulations add a uniqueness to it, representing the link between the past and the present.
Manicule is another particularly interesting aspect of the show in the feelings that it invokes from the viewer. At first inspection, there is something rather odd about a grouping of gesticulating hands sticking out from a blue square of wall. However, by noting the placement of the hands, there is clearly a deeper meaning. The sporadically-placed hands in Manicule scream contemporary art, but they are in fact inspired by engravings taken from 17th and 18th century tombstones. The visual concept itself is very “now,” while the interpretation of images from antique tombstones is very much something of the past.
Overall, this exhibition has what I would call a very “cool” look. By that, I mean it is not simply charming and dainty, but rather substantial, sophisticated and sleek. It invokes the kind of response that one might have if they were to walk aboard a space ship or step into an alternate reality. Materials and images in this exhibition are familiar to us, and yet their assembly and pairing with one another make them vastly different. By stepping into Nunca Pasa Nada, you will have a sense of the comfort of the past, as well as the uncertainty of the ever-changing present.

Grace James

Upcoming Exhibitions

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