The Cochenour Gallery brings to campus artwork by new, emerging, or experiment artists for the enrichment of the college and local community.

Dian Sourelis: story, myth + memory

Date: August 8th – September 12th, Closing reception and artist talk September 12th at 11am


Exhibition Details:

story, myth + memory, mixed media work by dian sourelis

story, myth + memory is an ongoing body of work that incorporates found objects and photography. The pieces in this show have been chosen from work I completed over the last 2 years. While they were selected from three separate bodies of work, (“stories”, “the hero’s journey” and “poems from my father”) they all share a common thread.

All of the material in this work is found—from the anonymous black and white photos gathered at yard sales and flea markets—to the reclaimed silk screen, old paper, salvaged canvas and string, and the occasional piece of metal or wood, creating a body of work that is peaceful, yet strong, like the everyday people in the images and the sturdy, well-worn materials that support them.

series one


“There are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before.” Willa Cather

Inspired by writer Willa Cather’s quote, these pieces incorporate images that seek to tell universal human stories—of relationships, family gatherings, holidays, vacations—that allow the viewer to add their own memories of childhood and beyond.

Materials: found photos on reclaimed silk screen. gesso, graphite, window screen, found metal, nails, thread

series two


The Hero’s Journey is a narrative developed by the American scholar Joseph Campbell that describes the experience of “The Hero”, a person who goes out and achieves great deeds on behalf of the group, tribe, or civilization. It also, however, describes the steps each of us move through when we institute change in our lives. This series of work selects a few of the steps from this narrative, showing the universal nature of human experience.

Materials: found photos. paper. cardboard. thread

series three


I recently discovered an old sketchbook of my artist-father’s that contained bits of ideas for poems he had been working on before he died a number of years ago, almost all of them about love, relationships and lost opportunities.

The pieces in my series “poems from my father incorporate these bits of poetry with anonymous black and white images and found materials.

Materials: found photos on reclaimed silk screen. gesso. type. paper

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