As school comes back into session, my thoughts immediately turn to ART, and I (Mrs. Mason) invite you to give your student the opportunity to join the Art Club sponsored by Georgetown College and the college students in the Art Education class instructed by Leah Castleman, Jeanette Tesmer, and myself. As in the past, Art Club participation is FREE. If you have an interested student, we are excited about the possibility of working with their creativity and aiding in furthering their artist ability. We ask that you look over the following information and attend the brief Parent Meeting on Tuesday, September 9th at 5pm in the Wilson Art Building located on Georgetown College’s campus (the corner of E. College and Mulberry). We are happy to answer any question that should arise so feel free to contact any of the instructors.

Although approved by Garth Elementary, Art Club is not sponsored by the school so you must fill out the Submission Form at the bottom of the page by Wednesday, September 3rd. If you have any trouble with the form please email We will also be contacting your student’s homeroom teacher for a recommendation. You are responsible for transportation of your student from Garth Elementary and to the Wilson Art Building before 3:30pm. No student will be permitted to walk alone from one building to the other. I, Mrs. Mason will be waiting for your student at the Wilson Art Building.

Important information to consider:

  • Art Club meets in the Wilson Art Building on Georgetown College campus, on Mondays, from 3:30 – 4:45 pm
  • Please have your child dropped off between 3:15-3:30pm and picked up no later than 5pm
  • If your child needs to leave early, come late, or will miss a meeting please notify one of the instructors
  • The scheduled meetings are:

o   September 15th, Line

o   September 22nd, Texture

o   September 29th, Color

o   Off for two weeks for Scott County Fall Break and Georgetown College Fall Break

o   October 20th, Color

o   October 27th, Mixed Media

o   November 3rd, Sculpture

o   November 10th, Print Making Principles

o   November 17th, Print Making Principles

o   December 1st, Opening Reception for Art Club exhibit (Please join us for cookies and punch!)

Participation is limited, so please if your student is interested have the required Submission Form filled out as soon as possible. I, and my colleagues are thrilled to have your student further their artist education with us and we look forward to an excellent semester of ART CLUB!


Barbra Mason, Leah Castleman, and Jeanette Tesmer

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Please check yes if you will be attending the informational meeting on Wednesday, September 9th at 5pm in the Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Building on Georgetown College's campus. Please check no if you cannot.
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