Scholarships and financial aid opportunities are available for academic programs, special programs, athletics and performance, and other programs.

Academic ScholarshipsSpecial
Athletic &

A student is eligible for only one of the following academic scholarships and will be awarded the most advantageous of the scholarships based on qualifications.

Trustee Scholarship

Presidential Scholarship

Giddings Award

Patterson Grant

Virginia Covington Grant

Transfer Scholarship

  • Amount: $7,000 to $14,000
  • Eligibility: For Transfer Students; Merit amount based on application for admission.

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

  • You may be eligible for an additional $2,000 as a transfer student if you are a member of Phi Theta Kappa.  You must notify your counselor that you are a member at the time of admittance.

Parks Baptist Scholarship

  • Amount: $18,000
  • Eligibility: To qualify, a student must have a minimum 3.75 un-weighted high school GPA and scored 30 or higher on the ACT exam.  You must also submit a Parks Baptist Scholarship application as well as Georgetown’s application for admission, write an essay, and possibly, come to campus for an in-person interview.  Apply by February 1.  This scholarship cannot be combined with other academic scholarships.
  • More Information:  View PDF
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Christian Scholars Program

  • Amount: 10 scholarships valued at $2,500 and 80 scholarships at $1,000 per year.
  • Eligibility: Apply for admission by February 1
  • More Information: Visit Website
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Equine Scholarships

  • Amount: $1,000
  • Eligibility: See the Equine Scholars website for more information.
  • More Information: Visit Website
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Global Scholarships

Inmersión en Español-Spanish Immersion Program Scholarships

  • Amount: The Inmersión en Español Scholarship is $1000 per year and will be awarded based on admittance into the program. Students will need to indicate their interest in Inmersión en Español and the level of Spanish course work they will have completed by their high school graduation on the Application for Admissions. After the application has been received a possible interview and proficiency test will be conducted.
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Oxford Honors Scholarships

  • Amount: The Oxford Honors Scholarship is $1000 per year and will be awarded after the application has been received and a possible interview with faculty involved with the Honors Program. Students need to apply by February 1 of the senior year.
  • Eligibility: Apply by February 1
  • More Information: Visit Website
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A student is eligible for the following Performance Scholarships based on their abilities with in any of the following areas: Athletics, Art, Creative Writing, Music and Theatre. Scholarships decisions are made by individual departments/teams.

Athletic Scholarships

Performance Scholarships (Music, Art and Theatre)

Creative Writing Scholarships

    • Amount: $1,000 per year for new students
    • Eligibility: For students interested in Creative Writing at Georgetown College
    • More Information: Contact Dr. Steven Carter; application deadline is February 15
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Governor’s Scholar & Governor’s School for the Arts Scholarship
National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS)**
Rogers Scholars**

  • Amount: $17,500
  • Eligibility: Student must be admitted to Georgetown College by February 1 and make sure to indicate on their application which program(s) they are affiliated. Completion and/or membership of each program must be verified through each respective program. This scholarship cannot be combined with academic scholarships.
    **3.6 un-weighted high school GPA is required for NSHSS and Rogers Scholars.

International Baccalaureate Scholarship

  • Amount: $17,500
  • Eligibility: Applicant must have a 3.6 un-weighted cumulative GPA and be a full IB diploma candidate.

Bishop Scholarship

  • Amount: $17,500
  • Eligibility: Applicant must be the immediate child or grandchild of a Bishop College alumnus OR recommended in writing by one.

First Tee Scholarship

  • Amount: $17,500
  • Eligibility: Applicant must be a member of First Tee and have a recommendation letter from their chapter before the scholarship will be awarded.

United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Scholarship

  • Amount: $10,000
  • Eligibility: Apply for admission by February 1. Must be a member of the USEF for consideration for this scholarship. This scholarship cannot be combined with other academic scholarships.

Church Matching Scholarships

  • Amount: The college will match the church portion w/$100 for 8 semesters
  • Eligibility: Church must contribute $100 per semester per student
  • More Information: Download Church Matching Application

Alumni Scholarships

  • Amount: $500
  • Eligibility: Must have a parent or grandparent who is an alumni from Georgetown College.  You must notify your Admissions Counselor by February 1 to be recognized for this scholarship.

Veterans Benefits: Post 9/11 and Yellow Ribbon Program

  • Through a combination of college and federal resources, it is possible for a student’s tuition costs to be covered for eligible recipients. Please consult with Financial Planning on the amount of your benefit. Read more about the program.

Institutional Grants and Endowed Scholarships

  • Amount varies
  • Eligibility: File FAFSA; based on eligibility

Outside scholarships are great tools to help with college funding. Below are some web sites that offer FREE scholarship searches:

Here are a couple of things we have learned along the way about outside scholarships that you should keep in mind:

  • Never pay for scholarship information; it’s free from web sites such as the ones mentioned above.
  • Many outside scholarships are available for only your first year of college. Sometimes, students enter college with a significant amount of outside scholarships, only to have none of those funds after the first year. So, just be careful and plan accordingly.

The John Keys Kentucky S.A.L. Scholarship

Applicants must meet at least one (1) of the following eligibility requirements:

  • Any honorably discharged veteran of the United States Armed Forces, without consideration for period or length of service, who is a legal resident of the Commonwealth of Kentucky; OR
  • Any member of the Kentucky Sons of The American Legion (any S.A.L. member who belongs to a Squadron in Kentucky), whose dues for the current membership year are paid. Eligibility requirements are detailed in this brochure.

Application Requirements:

  • All applicants must be enrolled at a post-secondary institution verified by a letter from the institution confirming the applicant’s enrollment. The applicant’s most recent grade report must also be provided. All applications must contain a true copy of one (1) of the following items:
    • The applicant’s honorable discharge certificate from the U.S. Armed Forces
    • The applicant’s DD214 form
    • The applicant’s current year S.A.L. membership card
  • Scholarship applications are accepted throughout the year and must be mailed to the following address:
    • John Keys S.A.L. Scholarship Fund
      Independence Squadron 275, S.A.L.
      P.O. Box 18791
      Erlanger, KY 41018-0791

Download Keys Scholarship Application

Women Leading Kentucky

  • Amount Awarded: $1000 – $1500
  • Criteria: You must be a female student (high school senior, college freshman, sophomore or junior) enrolled full time at a Kentucky college/university, have a G.P.A. of 3.0 or better, and have demonstrated your leadership abilities on campus and/or in your communities. Eight(8)- Ten(10) students will be selected for scholarships and all will be informed of their selection in mid-April 2015. Scholarship winners will be required to attend reception in May to receive award. Exact date TBA
  • Apply:
    1. Step 1: Go online to apply.
    2. Step 2: Submit your scholarship application, copy of your transcript and an essay of not more than 300 words about why you deserve this leadership scholarship, no later than February 2, 2015. You can email all your information to or mail it to the following address. Please do not send duplicate copies.

Women Leading Kentucky
P.O. Box 961
Lexington, KY 40588

Outside Scholarships for International Students

All students, even those receiving scholarships from Georgetown College, are encouraged to apply for outside scholarships. Please note that we do not help with the application process or have anything to do with the outcome of an application. You will have to contact the scholarship institutions directly if you have any questions. Georgetown College does not have any relationship with these institutions.

This is in no way an exhaustive list, but a good starting point. We wish you success in your search!

Work Study

Federal Work Study

  • Amount: Up to $1,000
  • Eligibility: File FAFSA; based on eligibility

Institutional Work Program

  • Amount: No limits
  • Eligibility: No requirements


Federal Loans Available

Federal Direct Loans

  • Direct loans loans are the cheapest type of loans available for students to help pay for their college education.  No payment is required on these loans until 6 months after you graduate or drop below half-time.  The only thing that you need to do in order to be eligible for these loans is file your FAFSA.

Federal Direct Subsidized Loan (4.66% interest rate)

  • Amount: Subsidized loans are “need-based” loans, meaning that the amount that you qualify for is dependent on the “need” that you have.  The interest on these loans is deferred until you graduate or drop below half-time.  The table below shows how much you could be eligible for.

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan (4.66% interest rate)

  • Amount: Unsubsidized loans are non-need-based, and the interest on these loans does accrue while you are in school.  You do have the option to defer interest payments, or you can pay the interest while in school if you are able.  The table below shows how much you would be eligible for.


UndergraduateGraduate Students
1st- Year$5,500 ($3,500)$9,500 ($3,500)$20,500
2nd-Year$6,500 ($4,500)$10,500 ($4,500)
3rd-Year$7,500 ($5,500)$12,500 ($5,500)
4th-Year$7,500 ($5,500)$12,500 ($5,500
Aggregate Limit$31,000 ($23,000)$57,500 ($23,000)$138,500 ($65,500)
**Amount in parentheses indicates the maximum amount of subsidized loan money that you can receive for that period.

Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)

The Department of Education offers Direct Parent Loans (PLUS). These loans can be borrowed for any or all of the balance owed. The loans are credit-based and carry a fixed interest rate set by the Department of Education at 7.21%.  You must have a current FAFSA to be eligible.  Click here for the 2014-15 PLUS application.

Federal Perkins Loan (5% interest rate)

  • Amount: up to $4,000
  • Eligibility: File FAFSA; based on eligibility and need

Additional Student Loans

Sometimes, the Federal Student Loans that a student receives by filing the FAFSA are not enough to cover what’s needed. Lenders offer additional student loans—often referred to as private loans or alternative loans—based on the credit of the borrower and co-signer. In almost all cases, a student will need to have a co-signer in order to be approved for the loan.  FASTChoice allows you to view many different lenders, as well as compare them, and apply if you choose.  Explore financial aid options with FASTChoice.

Students at Georgetown College have several options for paying tuition and fees. Please review the options outlined below.

Payment or payment arrangements for all tuition and fees are due in full by the first day of the semester. If registration occurs after the first day of the semester, payment in full is due immediately upon registration. If you are unable to pay the full amount upon registration, please contact the Student Accounts Office to set up one of the following payment options. Failure to make payments as scheduled will result in cancellation of registration, holds on future registration, holds on transcripts and/or diploma.  If you need additional loans to help cover your balance, please contact our Student Financial Planning Office at, or check out the “Loans/ Work Study” tab.

Georgetown College correspondence to students is primarily through e-mail. Students are responsible to keep their Georgetown College e-mail contact information up-to-date and to check their e-mail regularly for information regarding their Georgetown College student account. Students’ current account balance information is always accessible through their online account.

Full Payment Method

Student pays the full semester charges (or the portion not covered by financial aid and other outside sources) at the time of registration prior to the first day of class.

Payment can be made as follows:

  • Cash: Pay in person at the Student Accounts Office. Do not mail cash.
  • Personal Check: Make your check payable to Georgetown College and include your name, student ID number, current address, and phone number on the face of the check.
  • Certified Funds: Make cashier’s check, money order, or other certified funds payable to Georgetown College. Include your name, student ID number, current address, and phone number on the face of the check.
  • Credit Card: Official Payments Corporation is an agent of Georgetown College contracted for the electronic processing of credit card payments. American Express®, Discover®, and MasterCard® are accepted. In order to support this service, a convenience fee of 2.5% will be added to the total payment of your transaction. You can pay by accessing the secure online payment Visa cannot be used because of current Visa regulations.
  • Electronic Check (ACH): An electronic check is a one-time authorization to automatically debit your savings or checking account. You can pay by accessing the secure online payment page on You will need to provide your checking/savings account number and the routing/transit number, which is a unique series of numbers that identifies your financial institution. A convenience fee of $3.00 will be added to the total payment of your transaction.

Monthly Payment Plan – Tuition Management Systems

Georgetown College offers students the option to pay their tuition and fees through a monthly payment plan with TMS (Tuition Management Systems). Monthly payments can be automatically deducted from a personal bank account or credit card. The payment plan agreement can be set up for one semester or annually to allow students to budget their tuition costs monthly. Please note that to take advantage of the monthly payment plan you must begin payments in July for the annual plan.  For the semester plan, payments are July – November for fall and December – April for spring. To sign up for the plan please visit the TMS website


If your account has a credit balance, you may request a refund once all financial aid has been received and applied to your student account. Please call the Student Accounts Office at (502) 863-8700 or

We know that college costs are important for students and families. To give you the best information possible about your out-of-pocket costs at Georgetown College, you can now calculate your estimate of financial aid using our Net Price Calculator. This calculator will use your academic and financial information to arrive at an estimate. Your information will be used by admissions and financial aid staff only and will not be shared with any other entity.

Calculate Costs Using Our Calculator:

Freshman Students  Transfer Students

We invite your questions and comments about this calculator. Please contact Student Financial Planning at 502-863-8027.