THE SPENCERSTheatre of Illusion

The Spencers have redefined the art of illusion and are shattering the stereotype of the traditional magician and assistant. They are the only artists in history to be named Performing Arts Entertainers of the Year for a record-breaking six consecutive years, and to have twice been named America’s Best Entertainers.

They have baffled and entertained millions of people in theatres across America, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong—including international politicians and celebrities.

The Spencers have been described as “Modern Day Houdinis” by the media. The duo presents a big, high-tech stage show that combines drama, comedy, romance and suspense with elaborate stage illusions that include dazzling special effects and magnificent set design.

They are charismatic and skilled performers who captivate their audience from the moment they take the stage. And their personalities travel beyond the stage lights to touch not only their viewers’ inquisitive minds, but their hearts as well. Through their television and live concert appearances, they have cultivated a network of fans in towns and cities around the world that have made them one of the most sought-after illusion teams in the industry.

They continue to bring new meaning to the word “magic” for a new generation of spectators, delivering a larger-than-life sense of wonder to their audience.

Theatre of Illusion is a spectacular production filled with never-before-seen-illusion – original magical creations designed exclusively for The Spencers. People levitate, walk through walls, vanish, and reappear. And be prepared to experience the magic yourself because the Spencers don’t want you to just sit there and watch – they want you to participate! In one magical experiment, the entire audience is asked to get involved in a stunning, interactive mind reading experience!

By combining original theatrical elements with state-of-the-art illusions and audience interaction, The Spencers create much more than a magic show. Theatre of Illusion is a magical concert for your eyes. And what they create is theatre in the truest sense of the word. You won’t believe your eyes!

Breaking news:

The 37,000 members of the International Magicians Society recently named The Spencers as the 2009 recipients of the INTERNATIONAL MAGICIAN OF THE YEAR. This is the highest honor awarded in the magic community, equivalent to an Oscar or Emmy. Other recipients include David Copperfield, Doug Henning, Harry Blackstone Jr, Siegfried & Roy, and Criss Angel.