Theatre of Illusion is a spectacular production filled with never before seen illusions.  For The Spencers, magic is no longer merely about baffling the audience by doing something seemingly impossible. Magic these days is about drama, spectacle, interaction, danger, and personality.  And that’s exactly what separates The Spencers from every other magical performer in the field. The husband-wife team can penetrate through walls and levitate with the best of them, but they do it with world-class charisma and style, packing one of the biggest, most state-of-the art illusion rigs in the business.

People have been known to levitate, walk through walls, vanish, and reappear.  And be prepared to experience the magic yourself because the Spencers don’t want you to just sit in your seat and watch – they want you to participate!  In one magical experiment, the entire audience is asked to get involved in a stunning, interactive mind reading experience!

The Spencers have been described as “Modern Day Houdinis” by the critics. The duo presents a big, high-tech stage show that combines drama, comedy, romance and suspense with elaborate stage illusions.  You won’t believe your eyes!

For more information, visit:  http://www.spencersmagic.com/