wall climbingI wanted to personally thank you for the wonderful program and experience that my daughter had at Directions recently. She made several new friends and is truly excited about heading off to college. We look forward to this new era in her life and appreciate your efforts in helping to make the transition a smooth one. - a parent

Directions is where you learn about yourself, others and make friends that will last throughout your college career. You learn to face your fears and know that they really are not that big. It’s an experience that can change your life and open your eyes for opportunities - Sara

girls at directionsDirections is a great opportunity to meet new friends before arriving at Georgetown. It is an experience that will  prepare you for college while you learn, grow, and plan for the coming y ear. Some of my best friends in college are students that I met on Directions. Through the ropes course, the leadership activities and all the other fun memories you will make you come to Georgetown with friends people will think you have known for years. My favorite part was the last night when we got back to Georgetown. Me and a few other girls slept on the sidewalk in the quad, after staying up till almost 6 talking.  We still to this day remember some of the conversations we had. Directions was a true bonding experience and I would recommend it to anyone! - Cortnehy

Directions was the best decision I made after I decided to go to Georgetown.  It made my first week on campus so much easier, it also provided me with some pretty tight friendships that are still strong still last today. - Kellsey

Student Experience

An account of the Directions experience from Ryan, an incoming Global Scholar

Day 1

student groupWe met at the Grille below the Student Center at 1 today. I’m going to admit that at first it is very awkward not knowing a single person. Luckily a guy named Jon (another Global Scholar) stepped out of his comfort zone and we found common ground and I’ve been comfortable around him and the guys ever since. The ride was awkward because the icebreaker games where you are forced to talk to people aren’t the type of things I like. Nevertheless, I have made some new acquaintances and people that may be good friends in a couple days. I’m pretty sure Directions is a required activity for Global Scholars…even so, I was excited to do it anyway. It’s amazing to see the differences in people and how they work together.

Today we did a couple of group cooperation activities on the low ropes course. I’m not a fan of the spider web but the balancing activity was fun for me b/c I got to be myself and have a good time. People have their own opinions but I just think it’s about getting to meet new people and having a good time. It’s that simple. That’s the main reason I’m here…to meet new people and that’s it. Overall, I think the trip will be good b/c I’ll be able to make some friends and possibly have classes and be able to communicate with them after camp and when college starts.

Day 2

community serviceToday was fun. Woke up at 7 to a very rainy sky. My leader, Dan, who is a sophomore has a similar sense of humor to me. We joke about a lot of things. In the morning we did service projects. My job was staining some staircases with a girl named Kate. I tried to get us to be partners b/c I wanted to get to know her better. We talked the whole time and I think she’s really nice. One fun and rewarding feeling at Directions is walking into the air conditioned cabin. I really like hanging out and just playing guitar in there. Met a new camp counselor nicknamed Bacca. He’s funny and he was the guy driving my boat while I was on the lake. I’m getting to be more and more comfortable around every person here and it’s just really cool to connect to different people. Right now I’m sitting at a camp outside my kayak departure point. Looking forward to eating some dinner. By the way, the food is great.

It’s still day 2…it was too rainy to have a campfire on the beach so we had one inside. Everyone’s conversing in groups and I’m just going around to each. Two leaders, Bacca and Deuce, played some songs. After… I jammed with Deuce and it was a lot of fun. Everyone’s seeming to mesh really good and I’m trying to be very aware of how all of us interact.

Day 3

guys at lunchLast night was great b/c Jon and I slept on the couches in the lobby. Very comfortable. I just got back from the high course tower. Today was really fun b/c I was able to overcome my fear of heights by climbing to the top and zip-lining down. I have to admit, it was rather scary… but like Koeppe says, “Challenge by choice”…and I chose to do something out of my comfort zone. Something this camp has helped me with a lot. Right now, we’re packing getting ready to head back to Georgetown. I can’t wait for lunch. One thing a Directions camper always loves is a good meal b/c there is never a dull moment and that usually keeps me hungry.

We are in the bus getting ready to head back to Georgetown. Steve is driving. I’m looking forward to getting back the college b/c I really want to get to know the campus better. We have a ‘real’ campus tour tonight where we are going to learn all the ‘important’ things about college and campus life. About the bus ride back, we will have activities for a little bit then we may get a chance to SLEEP!

We just ate dinner at Fava’s, a locally owned restaurant in Georgetown. I can honestly say this place has one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten. Potato chips too. I’m the only guy at an all girls table so that’s pretty interesting. I better get used to being outnumbered by girls at Georgetown…it’s not so bad!

Tonight was the last night and it was so special and moving. We gave each other encouraging notes and it was so wonderful to see what other people said. I’m really going to miss these people but it’s so comforting to know that they’ll be at Gtown soon. It’s going to be marvelous when we meet again.

At the beginning of the trip, we were all outside the circle and everything was awkward. Now, we are all inside the circle and we trust everyone like we trust great friends. And I can honestly say my guess was right. They are great friends and have become great friends in two days.

I anticipate greatly the day in which I’ll see them again.