Our freshman seminar faculty and peer educators are an energetic group of faculty willing to aid in your transition during your first year at Georgetown–specifically your first semester during seminar.  All Peer Educators are students who not only survived, but found success in their first year and will be excellent mentors and guides along your first year.

The Peer Educators for Fall 2014 classes were selected via the Emerging Leaders process.  We are excited to have a stellar group of students and faculty to lead you through Freshman Seminar!  All of our Peer Educators also serve as Orientation Leaders, and you can find more info about the rest of the Orientation Leaders here!


Buckley Booher   (Faculty – Dr. Daniel Graham)


Hey there fellow Tiger! Welcome to Georgetown college! I am Buckley Booher and I am an orientation leader this year! I am a sophomore and am Elementary Education Major. Besides academics, I am involved with campus outreach, a Harper Gatton Scholar, and work in Admission, the education department, and for Georgetown College football team. I also work as a tutor for English 111. With only one year under my belt, I am involved in a ton of different things, so don’t be afraid of not finding a place you fit in. There are tons of ways to get involved, and if you want to start something new, it’s not hard to do. If you need any help with anything on campus, feel free to ask me! You are surrounded by people who are extremely excited to meet you. Take advantage of this time and meet as many people as you possibly can, and have some fun! I am so glad you are here!!

Emily Bunch   (Faculty – Dr. Scott Takacs)


Hey guys! I am so excited that you have chosen Georgetown College and can’t wait for you to start this chapter of your life here.  My name is Emily Bunch and I am an Orientation Leader.  I am a sophomore here at Georgetown, I’m from Lexington, and my major is Accounting and my minor is Math.  Outside of academics I am involved in FFG (freshman family groups) and Christian Leaders Scholars.  I also enjoy going to Rooted on Tuesday nights.  There are so many different ways to get involved here at Georgetown.  I highly recommend that you try anything that you think you might be interested in.  It’s a great way to meet people and make new friends!  If you have any questions about anything feel free to ask me!  I know that the transition to college can be a bit overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be!  Everyone here wants to help make this transition as smooth as possible because here at Georgetown we all care about one another!  You’re going to love being a Georgetown Tiger, I’m sure of it!

Shelby England   (Faculty – Dr. Rebekah Robinson)


Hiya! I’m Shelby England and I am an Orientation Leader and Peer Educator! I am a sophomore and I am studying Elementary Education! I am from Bowling Green, Kentucky and a proud Purple Alumni! I am an Equine Scholar and I am also the IHSA Equestrian Team! I LOVE horses and have been riding since I was six! Along with riding and the Equine Scholars, I am also on the Track and Field team. I do high jump and long jump. I guess you could say I like to jump! One of my favorite things about Georgetown is all the opportunities there are around campus! Don’t be scared to try new things and really get involved on campus! Welcome to Georgetown! Go Tigers!

Patrick Harp   (Faculty – Dr. Lisa Eddy)


My name is Patrick Harp and I’m from Frankfort, KY and a sophomore here at GC. I am a Management Information Systems major and a Communications minor. I am involved with Campus Outreach and am a First-Year Family Group Big Brother, which are some of the many things you can be involved with! As far as campus goes, I love going to the Grille after class and seeing who is there and just hanging out. That’s how I’ve made a lot of friends during my short time here at GC. As a freshman, I wish I would have been told earlier that Asher is open 24 hours a day and you can study and do homework in there and not be told to leave like the library. This helps me a lot knowing this now because I don’t mind staying up late to get done what needs to be done! I am really excited you decided to make your decision to come here and join the Tiger family. There is so many people on this campus that are willing to help you in every step of the way, including myself. Can’t wait to get this year started and make friends with you all!

MaKayla Jackson   (Faculty – Dr. Rick Kopp)


Hey Tigers! Welcome to GC! My name is MaKayla Jackson, an Orientation Leader this year, and I am so thrilled to meet you all! I am from Morganfield, Kentucky, and I’m a sophomore here at Georgetown College studying Sociology. I love Georgetown because it is an excellent atmosphere to be in, I’ve learned a lot during my first year of college already, and I’ve gained friendships that I know I’ll have for a long time after I graduate. I am involved in a number of different organizations including Traditions Chair for the Georgetown Activities Council (GAC), Secretary for HG Lead, Christian Leaders Program, and the Tiger Bands! Getting involved is a great way to meet new people! There are so many different organizations to be a part of, and you learn so much from any of them! Feel free to ask me about anything during your time at GC, especially during orientation! Don’t forget to bring a lot of energy, and to get hype! You’re one more step towards greatness, and Georgetown will help you get there!

Grace Kandrack   (Faculty – Dr. Jana Henson)


Hey Tiger! I am super stoked to have you on campus and a part of our Georgetown family! My name is Grace Kandrack and I am a Peer Educator as well as an Orientation Leader here. I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but currently live in Florence, Kentucky. I am a sophomore with a Spanish major and a double minor in Chemistry and Biology. On campus, I am a part of the Spanish Immersion Program and Global Scholars Program. When I am not studying, I love to walk around campus with friends and take late-night Walmart trips with them. My favorite thing on campus is the McCandless House – free coffee (and great company)! I cannot wait to see you grow into a cultural, independent young adult and remember that everyone is here to help you! Live, Learn, and Believe. Welcome to Georgetown!

Remy Kennedy   (Faculty – Jesse Farley)


Hello! I’m a sophomore here at Georgetown, double major in psychology and communication. I’m the VP of supplies and logistics for Tiger Guides, and I’m involved in Global Scholars. I’ve also been a peer educator this past year and will be one again this year. I’m so excited for you all to experience Georgetown and fall in love with it like I have! Don’t be afraid to come up to me and say hi, I love meeting new people :)

Jimmy Lacy   (Faculty – Dr. Roger Ward)


Major: Marketing

Minor: Christian Leadership

Plans after College: Go into full time college ministry with Campus Outreach.

Favorite Class: World Literature because I learned how to think big picture within my own life and the lives of others. Saw how small I was and how great Christ is.

As a freshman I wish someone had told me to get involved form the get go and shown me how fun South Campus truly is!

Bailey Milam   (Faculty – Susan Martin)


Welcome Class of 2018! I am absolutely ecstatic that you have committed to Georgetown College because you are in for an adventure of a life time.  My name is Bailey Milam, I am a sophomore, and I’m from Harrodsburg, KY. I am a communication and media studies major and a biology and chemistry minor. I am a member of the dance team, work on the execute board for Dance Marathon as the Campus Relations Coordinator, I work in admissions, and I am a participant in intramurals, where my best friend, Elyssa Holt, and I dominated in badminton and came back with a win and a championship. A fun little fun fact me is that I love Miley Cyrus and my two front teeth are fake. At Georgetown College opportunities are endless and there is always something for you to do. Whether its intramurals or seeing a movie with GAC on the weekends, you’re never bored. A few pieces of advice is to definitely go to the writing center, befriend your professors, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Two more small tidbits are to keep up with your G-Card to the best of your ability and not lose it (speaking from experience) and go to Hongs at 2AM. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Zack Parsons   (Faculty – Dr. Kenny Sibal)


Hello my fellow Tigers! My name is Zack Parsons and I’m an Orientation Leader and Peer Educator for this fall! I’m a senior Exercise Science major and Psychology minor.  Outside of Orientation, you’ll be able to catch me hanging out and/or working in the Mulberry Café in the LRC or participating in one of the many Intramurals that Georgetown has to offer! After graduation, I will be pursuing a Master’s of Behavioral Analysis or admittance into graduate school for Speech Pathology.  Even though my Georgetown tenure is almost over, I—along with the other members of the Orientation staff—are here to make your transition as easy as possible.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact any of our Orientation team! Best of luck and welcome to Georgetown!

Taylor Stone   (Faculty – Mike Brown)


My name is Taylor Stone! I am a junior here at Georgetown. I am an orientation leader as well as a peer educator. I am majoring in elementary education and minoring in psychology. I am currently in the teacher education program and a member of the Kentucky Education Association student chapter at Georgetown. Not only is Georgetown my school but my hometown as well.My favorite thing about campus is how genuinely nice everyone is. I hope you enjoy your time at Georgetown as much as I have so far!

Grace Whitworth   (Faculty – Beth Purdy) – Spanish Immersion Section


¡Hola y bienvenidos/ Hello and welcome! My name is Grace Whitworth and I’m excited to welcome you once and for all to Georgetown. Originally, I’m from Crestwood, Kentucky, but now I’m a sophomore here at GC as a Spanish and Psychology double major. Besides being a nerd and lover of all things Spanish and Psychology, I also run Cross Country and Track for Georgetown. I also am a member of Spanish Immersion, Global Scholars, Christian Leaders, and Oxford Honors. I’m excited to meet new people and get to know each of you and help you in any way I can this year! Go Tigers!