earle goodeAll of us on the Board of Trustees have been thrilled with the great partnership between Georgetown College and The First Tee organization. We take great pride in how Georgetown got the scholarship program going more than ten years ago, and how it’s now grown to include so many other colleges and universities across the country. We take even greater pride in the Scholars themselves. These young men and women have used their experience at Georgetown College as a springboard to success.

Earle Goode, Board Chair, Georgetown College

Georgetown College seeks to be the first college to ever fully endow The First Tee Scholars Program.

giving tee


To make a gift or to receive information on the endowment, contact:
Mike Calhoun
Georgetown College
400 East College Street
Georgetown, KY 40324
Or by email

joe barrowThe legacy of The First Tee Scholars Program at Georgetown College is phenomenal. It was the program that started it all for us, and it’s now grown to some twenty other colleges and universities across the country. All of us at First Tee are especially proud of how the students at Georgetown have gone on to such success after graduation. That’s exactly what we had in mind when we formed the partnership, and it inspires us to keep trying to make it bigger and better.

Joe Barrow, CEO, The First Tee

tim finchemThe PGA TOUR is appreciative of the strong partnership that has grown over the years between The First Tee and Georgetown College. We are delighted that participants in the program have capitalized on the experience to get off to a great start in their careers. It’s especially pleasing to us to see several of the Georgetown graduates go to work in the golf industry. The sport needs a pipeline of young talent, and this program is helping deliver great prospects. Thank you to Georgetown College and The First Tee for a decade of outstanding success.

Tim Finchem, President, PGA Tour

bill crouchWhen we started this program, we thought we were doing a favor for these Scholars. But we’ve come to find out they have done us a much bigger favor. All of us at the college have been been inspired by their talent for academics, for golf, and especially for leadership. They truly exemplify the three ways we describe what we’re about at Georgetown College: To Live, Learn, and Believe.

Bill Crouch, Former President, Georgetown College