Claire Almendinger

Year: Senior
Major: English
Hometown: Johnstown, Ohio
Comments: The Equine Scholars Program was the perfect choice for me because it allowed me to combine my love of the law and horses together and apply it towards my future career endeavors. The program has also allowed me the opportunity to speak with countless professionals in the equine industry and has been a wonderful networking tool that I can use for the rest of my life.

Kelsey Burton

Year: Senior
Major: Business
Hometown: Winchester, KY
Comments: I decided to attend Georgetown College because of the Equine Scholars Program. Georgetown was the only college that allowed me to be a part of the equine program and still major in Education. The Equine Scholars Program has enabled me to incorporate my love and passion for horses into my college education. I have had a support network that helped me throughout my college career and have had several opportunities to grow as an individual and a leader on campus. This program allowed me to have an easy transition into college, enhanced my networking and experiences while I was in college, and gave me the tools and resources needed to approach graduation with confidence.

Emily Eicher

Year: Senior
Major: Exercise Science 
Hometown: Monticello, Kentucky
Comments: The Equine Scholars Program has given me an opportunity to explore many different aspects of the equine industry. I have also made so many wonderful connections with the Kentucky Horse Park based Central Kentucky Riding for Hope organization. Without my internship opportunity through ESP, I would not have been able to meet the wonderful instructors at CKRH.

Hannah Gabbard

Year: Senior
Major: Sociology
Hometown: Nicholasville, KY


Lauren Kelly

Year: Senior
Major: Communication & Media Studies
Hometown: Morehead City, NC
Comments: I wanted to be an Equine Scholar because I want to expand my knowledge of the horse industry. Not to mention it is a great way to keep horses in my life since I am away from them at college.


Michelle Larberg

Year: Senior
Major: Biology
Hometown: Sylvania, Ohio
Comments: The Equine Scholars Program has been a great bonding and networking experience. It was a huge part of why I chose to come to Georgetown and I made some of my closest friends in the program. The program has given me the opportunity to meet some of the elite in the equine industry and helped develop professional skills for later in life. Without the program, pursuing some of my goals would not have been as easy, such as applying to vet school. Equine Scholars has been a great asset to my college career.

Kellie McMurry

Year: Senior
Major: Biology
Hometown: Danville, Kentucky
Comments: The Equine Scholars Program has been an amazing opportunity for me. I love how I am still connected to the horse industry even while I am at college and that the Program will provide me with many career-oriented opportunities in the future.

Anna Meurer

Year: Senior
Major: History & Religion
Hometown: Danville, Kentucky
Comments: I joined Equine Scholars because it was the perfect opportunity to explore my interest area in the horse industry. I loved the fact that the Program allows me to integrate horses into my professional career without having to major in an equine degree.  *Anna is currently studing for a year at Oxford in England!