sayde daniels 12 232x350 Class of 2013Sayde Daniels

Major: Accounting
Hometown: Charleston, WV
Comments: I joined the Equine Scholars Program because I believe our generation will take the horse industry to a new and greater level. This program is an excellent vehicle for networking and further exploring all facets of the horse world. It is my career goal to become an equine accountant, and help the industry prosper.

Lexy FLexy Funk 122 232x350 Class of 2013unk

Major: Psychology and Communications
Hometown: Sun Valley, ID
Comments: I came to Georgetown College because of the Equine Scholars Program. What attracted my eye to this amazing program were the opportunities that will come from it; internships, job opportunities, and a chance to learn more about the horse industry. I am so pleased with my decision to come to Georgetown; the school and the program are everything I thought they would be.

Mary Ables Ray 122 232x350 Class of 2013Mary Ables Ray

Major: Biology/Pre-Vet
Hometown: Jonesborough, TN
Comments: I came to Georgetown College for the many opportunities the Equine Scholars Program offers. I am excited to learn more about the horse industry in the horse capital of the world! And – I can’t wait for WEG 2010!

sangster 9 279x350 Class of 2013Samantha Sangster

Major: Biology
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Comments: I wanted to be part of the Equine Scholars Program because it is drastically different from all other college and university equine programs. It incorporates the benefits of a liberal arts education and possible careers in the equine world.

Jessica Seamon 123 232x350 Class of 2013Jessica Seamon

Major: Accounting
Hometown: Chandler, IN
Comments: The thing I love about the Equine Scholars Program is all the wonderful diverse opportunities it provides the students with.


Holly Whiteman3 232x350 Class of 2013Holly Whiteman

Hometown: Winchester, KY
Comments: I joined the Equine Scholars program as an opportunity to learn about other disciplines and skills outside of what I already know in the equine industry, it’s also a great opportunity for equine careers.



Amanda Williamson 123 232x350 Class of 2013Amanda Williamson

Major: Communications
Minor: Theater
Hometown: Simpsonville, KY
Comments: I joined the Equine Scholars Program because of my love for horses. Already the program has allowed me to meet new people and participate in activities I know would not have been possible otherwise