Caitlyn Anglin

Major: Biology
Hometown: Dry Ridge, KY
Comments: I joined the Equine Scholars Program to be around people with the same interests as me; and to learn more about the horse industry because it has played such a huge part of my life growing up.

Heather Bellis-Jones

Major: Biology
Hometown: Cynthiana, KY
Comments: The Equine Scholars Program has afforded me the opportunity to experience different aspects of Kentucky’s signature horse industry. I value the people that I have met through this program and the life lessons that I have been taught. ESP has permitted me to further my interest in horses while engaged in my academic studies at Georgetown.

Laura Bradford

Hometown: Seymous, IN
Comments: The program works with each student to meet their specific needs. I am looking forward to learning about different aspects of the Equine industry and continuing to grow in the areas that already interest me. I feel by being involved in the Equine Scholars it will help prepare me for my future career.

Keith Groves

Hometown: Trenton, KY
Comments: I came to Georgetown and joined the Equine Scholars Program to be actively involved in the horse industry as a college student. I expect to gain great experience and important contacts that will help me in my pursuit of becoming a vet. I feel that this program will give me the best chance of attaining my goals.

Laura Johnson

Major: Communication & Media Studies
Hometown: Terino, Washington
Comments: I came to Georgetown for the sole reason of the ESP. It has given me opportunities that cannot be matched anywhere else. To gain a first hand look at the horse industry, but still pursue a traditional liberal arts degree is the perfect combination. Because of the ESP, I have made some unique connections and currently have a internship that fits me to a T, related to both horses and my major of Communication and Media Studies.

Heather Johnston

Hometown: Fox Point, WI
Comments: The Equine Scholars Program is what brought me to Georgetown College. I compete in eventing and wanted to continue to be involved with something I truly love while in school. This program provided that for me along with many other amazing opportunities.

Kathleen Landwehr

Hometown: Villa Hills, KY
Comments: I am thrilled to be a member of the Equine Scholars Program. I am with friends who are wonderful, kind people, whom share a common interest in horses. I hope to experience the numerous opportunities that are possible through the Equine Scholars Program and gain insight into the equine industry. From this insight, I hope to find a career that is right for me and also incorporate my love for horses. I want to be able to give back to the industry that has given me so much.

Megan McKay

Hometown: May’s Lick, KY
Comments: I feel that the Equine Scholars Program will open a lot of doors for me, being that I am interested in business law. I want to be able to learn as much as I can and take full advantage of each opportunity.

Danielle Speirs

Hometown: Spokane, WA
Comments: I am in the Equine Scholars Program to gain knowledge about the opportunities that are available to me in the equine industry. Whether these opportunities are riding related or career related, I am interested in getting involved in whatever might be available. I am excited at the possibility of being able to connect my degree in accounting to the equine industry.

Alison Todd

Major: Pre-pharmacy
Hometown: Henderson, KY
Comments: I have always had an interest in horses but coming to Georgetown I had little experience with them. When I heard about the ESP program I saw it as an opportunity to learn more about the horses and the horse industry. I have since then learned so much while forming close relationships with other Equine Scholars.

Katy Truman

Hometown: Columbus, IN
Comments: I decided to be a part of this program because I have loved animals, horses in particular, my whole life. I want a career working in the horse industry and I know this program will help me do just that! I hope to gain knowledge in a variety of equine professions and disciplines so that I can branch out as a knowledgeable part of the equine world.