Noel (Davis) Deal

Major: Communications
Minor: German
Hometown: Rogersville, TN
Where is she now? Building off her undergrad internship at CMT, Noel worked in the Nashville country music industry for one year. Noel now serves as the Director of Major Investments for Special Kids, a Christian nonprofit organization that provides therapy and skilled nursing for children with special needs in Murfreesboro, TN.
Comments: The program exposed me to so many facets of the industry that I never knew about! It definitely expanded my knowledge of the horse industry and opened my eyes to all of the possibilities that are available.

Brittany Pappas

Majors: Economics and German
Minors: Math and History
Hometown: Lexington, VA
Where is she now? Brittany was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and will be residing in Germany to help teach English to German students.
Comments: I enjoyed being a part of the Equine Scholars Program because it gave me a chance to interact with all of the great underclassmen who are helping to grow the Program by a large amount. I also took an interest in learning how the equine industry works not only within the sphere of Kentucky’s economy, but also on an international scale.