Lexy Funk 12Hometown: Bellevue, ID
Year: Senior
Major: Psychology and Communication/Media Studies

A few words from Lexy:

“I chose to pursue my higher education at Georgetown College for many reasons. The biggest reason I chose Georgetown College was for the Equine Scholars Program, that focused my love for horses in an academic light. It taught me about all the equine industry has to offer, and opened up many doors for me. I have been introduced to some of the most respected people in the horse world, and have networked with organizations in ways I didn’t know possible. Aside from the Equine Scholars Program, I have gained more than I have ever dreamed from Georgetown College. On top of an excellent education, I have gained a second family through this school. From Greek life to my professors, everyone at Georgetown College sincerely cares about my well being, education, and my future.”

Lexy is also activly advancing her riding career in eventing.  Go Lexy!