Spy Coast Farm specializes in the breeding and development of top-quality performance horses. With three locations along the East Coast (New York, Florida and Kentucky), Spy Coast is able to take advantage of the best climate, vet services, show facilities, training and riding talent. Equine Scholars got to speak with Spy Coast Vet Dr. Burleson, a young vet who is doing an AWESOME job!

We learned about the quarantine facilities, young horse shows, breed inspections and more that occur on their farm every year. What an impressive place!

Are you as curious about their name as we were? This is from their website: www.spycoastfarm.com

“Our Name
At one time, our original farm, located on Strong’s Neck in Setauket, NY, was prime fishing and hunting territory for the Setalcott Indians.
During the Revolutionary War, George Washington commissioned the Setauket Spy Ring to operate from the area. It is said that the patriot, Anna Smith Strong, received intelligence from the local tavern owner and then hung her petticoats and handkerchiefs on her laundry line in a predetermined array in order to inform the whale boat captain, Caleb Brewster, in which harbor the Redcoats were located. Their efforts contributed in no small measure to the success of the Patriot troops.
Since that time, the Strong’s Neck area has been known as the Spy Coast. We consider it an honor to be able to name our farm after this significant chapter of our nation’s history.”