Lexington Equine Surgery and Sports Medicine is a new facility dedicated to the care and well-being of the equine patient. After completing an anesthesia residency in 2005 at Michigan State, Dr. Lori Bidwell moved to Lexington, Ky., to act as the head of anesthesia at a large equine practice. During that period, Dr. Bidwell trained 10 interns per year and ran or supervised over 40 anesthetic cases per day during the spring and summer months with an average of 5,000 surgical cases per year.

In 2009, Dr. Bidwell moved to St.Kitts in the West Indies to teach at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (how lucky is she?!), currently the largest veterinary school in the world. Although living and teaching in the Caribbean was an amazing experience, the opportunity arose to return to Kentucky to work for Lexington Equine Surgery and Sports Medicine in 2011.

Dr. Bidwell is currently the anesthesiologist for the practice and is also independently training and consulting anesthesia for equine and small animal practices through her business Veterinary Anesthesia and Pain Management Services. In addition, Dr. Bidwell is acting as editor and author for the upcoming textbook Handbook of Equine and Small Ruminant Anesthesia Procedures for Blackwell Publishing.

Dr. Bidwell explained the differences between working at an all-hours practice versus Lexington Equine Surgery and Sports Medicine, where surgeries are scheduled and there are no all-hours emergency calls. She spoke of her past experiences with anesthetizing wildlife, which was amazing! Many Scholars hope they can shadow her and contact her for more information — she has led such an amazing life!