Leslie Janecka, coordinator of the Kentucky Equine Management Internship (KEMI), spoke to Equine Scholars about the amazing opportunities this program offers. Dedicated to improving the opportunities for college students wishing to pursue a career in the field of equine management, KEMI offers a comprehensive educational experience for students enrolled for academic credit through a sponsoring college or university, or for recent graduates of such institutions. Through the internship, students integrate academic studies with practical experience, leadership and responsibility as a contributing participant on a Central Kentucky horse farm. Aside from farm commitments, students are introduced into a network of equine professionals representing multifaceted careers in the equine profession.  During the first week of the course, students participate in orientation activities as a group. After the first week, students are employed full-time by participating farms where they become familiar with the day-to-day management of horses on commercial Thoroughbred farms.