The Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (formerly the Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center) is a full-service animal health diagnostic facility located very near the Georgetown College campus. The lab is charged with the diagnosis of animal diseases and the performance of tests which safeguard the health of the animal population in Kentucky. The lab helps identify infectious diseases, identify regulatory diseases, provides the means to meet export sales requirements, and provides an early warning system for impending epidemics.

Dr. Craig Carter was our tour guide, taking time out of his incredibly busy schedule to tell us all about the lab as well as research opportunities available to Equine Scholars — he had just gotten done climbing one of the world’s toughest mountains–literally! We are very grateful to him. One of our Equine Scholars, Kellie McMurray, has taken him up on the offer of help in finding equine research for the summer of 2012 … we’re excited to hear what she learns!