At Georgetown College, we view writing as one of the “Essential Proficiencies” of students’ general educations. Writing is considered a “Foundation” in the “Foundations and Core” program and four to six hours (or their equivalent) of introductory composition courses are required of all students.

According to the Catalog, “To develop basic writing …  proficiencies, students will complete the freshman composition … requirements.” Students must enroll in ENG 111 or ENG 115 (if notified of eligibility) in the fall semester of their first year and must enroll continuously in the Writing Sequence until its successful completion.

The English Department offers three foundational writing classes: ENG 111 (English Composition I), ENG 112 (English Composition II), and ENG 115 (Accelerated Composition). When students enroll at Georgetown, they are placed in one of these “Essential Proficiencies” classes based on a number of factors like ACT and CLEP scores. No matter which class a student places into, s/he must demonstrate essential proficiency by completing the Writing Sequence.

Continuous Enrollment in English Composition

As the Catalog states, “all students must be enrolled in either ENG 111, 112, or 115 until they have successfully completed the freshman writing sequence. For a student to drop ENG 111[, 112, or 115], the drop slip must be signed by either the chair of the English Department or the Writing Program Coordinator. The chair of the English Department or the Writing Program Coordinator may waive this continuous enrollment policy as appropriate.”

If you have questions about the Writing Sequence, contact Dr. Carrie Cook at ext. 7979.

Writing Center

Students completing the Writing Sequence will benefit from using the Writing Center, a totally free and readily available resource. Located in the basement of the library (LRC), the Writing Center addresses students’ writing needs no matter what courses they are taking, but it can be especially useful for students in ENG 111, 112, and 115. Students may develop a regular schedule of visits or they may drop in as required by their professor(s) or as the need arises. The Writing Center offers services such as paper tutorials and writing exercises, and tutors can also provide their peers assistance with outlines, bibliographies, paraphrasing, and documentation. The Center also contains computers students may use for word processing and has a library of both print and electronic materials. Tutors’ schedules and areas of interest and expertise are published on the Writing Center’s website so that students may choose which peers to work with.

If you have questions about the Writing Center, contact Dr. John Sadlon at