Combined Masters in Education with LBD/MSD Certification and Rank I

Our combined LBD/MSD Rank I program certifies teachers to work with P-12 LBD and MSD students, increasing their marketability and earning potential. This 60-hour online program has three distinct phases and accepts both initial (traditional and alternative route) and advanced candidates.

Phase 1*: Candidates complete a Master of Arts in Education degree with a P-12 Learning Behavior Disorders (LBD) certification.

  • Requires 39-42 course hours and a Praxis exam
  • Courses are offered online (some field hours are required)
  • Candidates without a prior teaching certificate (initial candidates) may seek certification through two routes: traditional or alternative. Since LBD is a high-need area, some schools may be willing to hire initial candidates to teach in a Kentucky LBD classroom under a temporary provisional teaching certification if they are enrolled in a certification program (alternative certification route). In this scenario, the candidate could be working full-time as an LBD teacher during the program.
  • Candidates who already hold a teaching certificate (advanced candidates) may be able to waive certain courses during Phase 1
  • Georgetown College’s Certification Officer submits all paperwork required for the P-12 LBD certification and for a rank 2 for approval to the state (EPSB) as soon as the student has completed this phase. The Master of Arts degree is also conferred at this time.

Phase 2: Candidates complete coursework, including a final practicum, to earn P-12 Moderate to Severe Disabilities (MSD) certification.

  • Requires 15 course hours and a Praxis exam
  • Courses are offered online (some field hours are required)
  • *Candidates who have previously received their LBD certification from Georgetown College or another regionally accredited institution are eligible for admission into the program in Phase 2
  • Georgetown College’s Certification Officer submits paperwork required for certification in MSD to EPSB as soon as coursework, and the necessary PRAXIS exam, are completed successfully.

Phase 3: Candidates complete electives relating to their content area and/or the autism spectrum. After completing these electives, candidates receive a recommendation for Rank I.

  • Requires 6 course hours
  • Courses are offered online (some field hours may be required)

Note: Candidates qualify for a temporary provisional certificate in LBD as soon as they enter the first phase of this program. However, the MSD certification portion of this program is offered as an additional component to LBD and candidates do not qualify to immediately go into classrooms with MSD students either at the beginning of this program or during phase two.

Application Requirements for the Combined 60-hour Program

Program Director:

Dr. Melody Deprez


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