The basic tenet of the Teacher Leader Master of Arts Program at Georgetown College is to empower teachers to become educational leaders so that they can build capacity within their schools and districts. Teacher leaders gather and analyze information and data from multiple sources judiciously; identify and address students’ learning needs effectively; think critically about how to improve teaching and learning; and work cooperatively with others within and beyond the school to help all students achieve their fullest potential.

We have designed the Teacher Leader Master of Arts Program to include the following features:

  • An understanding of the dispositions, knowledge, and skills required for teacher leadership
  • A Teacher Leader skills self-assessment (required prior to formal admission into the program)
  • Advanced instruction in assessment, technological innovations, response to intervention (RTI) strategies, and best practices for a diverse student population
  • An emphasis on professional development through collaborative teamwork
  • Research opportunities geared towards school improvement
  • Continuous reflection on professional growth and development

The Teacher Leader Master of Arts Program is a 30-36 credit hour program (depending upon content specialty and endorsement areas). In addition to the program’s core courses, candidates take a minimum of 12 additional credit hours in courses related to their individual growth goals. They may choose to do what is called the “traditional” MATL program and leave room for four diverse electives, which are selected with the help of their advisor. Candidates may also choose to complete certification, endorsement, or areas of emphasis programs in the following:



Completion of the MATL program results in an earned Master’s degree in Education, either a Rank 2 or Rank 1, an automatic Teacher Leader endorsement (no Praxis exam required), and, potentially, a second embedded component.

MATL is offered as a fully online program. In a few cases, individual courses within specialty programs require limited participation on campus.

Application Requirements for MA/Teacher Leader

Curriculum Contract

Program Director

Dr. Andrea Peach