The basic tenet of the Teacher Leader Endorsement at Georgetown College is to empower teachers to become educational leaders so that they can build capacity within their schools and districts.  “Teacher leaders gather and analyze information and data from multiple sources judiciously, identify and address students’ learning needs effectively; think critically about how to improve teaching and learning; and work cooperatively with others within and beyond the school to help all students achieve their fullest potential.”

This endorsement program is delivered online and involves six three-credit hour courses that look at the research literature on leaders in general and teacher leaders specifically; help focus the candidate on the communication skills needed to work as a teacher leader; facilitate the development on communication and mediation skills; teach online research skills while helping the candidate research, develop, and implement a piece of classroom research; develop skills in the area of curriculum development and collecting/analyzing classroom data; develop technology skills and awareness skills in the area of culturally responsive teaching.

Curriculum Contract

Program Director

Dr. Andrea Peach


Program Director

Dr. Alex Spatariu