Registration Information for Current (non-cohort) Graduate Students (students who started coursework in Spring 2015 or before)


Summer 2017 Online Registration

Online Registration

  • Opens:            Wednesday, March 8
  • Closes:            Wednesday, April 26

Term Dates:

  • Summer 1 (7-1/2 weeks) Wednesday, April 26 – Thursday, June 15
  • Summer 2 (7-1/2 weeks) Monday, June 19 – Wednesday, August 9

IMPORTANT:  Although the Summer 2 term does not start until June 19—registration will close on Wednesday, April 26.

How to Register:

  • Check your curriculum contract to see courses that you need to take. If you have questions, contact your advisor.
  • To see a list of courses:


Fall 2015 registration screen

Spring 2017 registration screen

Ignore the warning message “No Current Courses for the selected Term and Division”. When registration opens and you log in to the Portal and register, you will see your registered courses there.

The easiest way to see the entire course list is to choose the SM2017 term, choose ‘Graduation School’ under the Course Program, and click the Search button.

You may also choose to narrow your search by:

  • Title (ex: if you choose the ‘contains’ option and then type ‘technology’, you will only see courses that contain the word technology somewhere in the title.
  • Course Code: ex: if you type in ‘ECE’ under Course Code (keep Begins With selected) you will only see courses that begin with ‘ECE’, or ‘EDU’ to see courses that begin with ‘EDU.
  • Department (ex: if you choose ‘Exceptional Child Educat’, you will see all ECE (LBD and MSD courses), if you choose ‘Education’, you will see all EDU classes, etc. Once again, unless you also choose ‘Graduate’ under the ‘Program’ option, you will get undergraduate and graduate courses).

When you click on the ‘Search’ button, you should see a list of available courses.

Viewing Special Course Information (i.e., required chats, dates, etc.)

When you click on the course number link, you will see additional information about the class, including any required sessions (i.e., chats, webinars, etc.)

course schedules

  • When you know which class you wish to take, you can log on to the Portal to register.
    • If you are wanting to register for a field placement class (i.e., ECE 575A or B, ECE 576, ECE 608, EDU 535, or EDU 536) you must pre-apply for the class and, if accepted, you will be registered by the Graduate office. Watch for an email from your advisor or program chair for application information and deadlines.
    • If you have difficulties with registration call or email Robin McClure (email:; phone:  502-863-7089).

Registration Information for Cohort Graduate Students (students who started coursework in Summer 2015 or after and are in a cohort program)

You will be registered for classes automatically each term. If you decide to not take a class for the next term, contact Jessica Carufel ( in the Graduate Information Office to discuss your options.