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Overview and Setting Up Your LiveText Account

Each student in an Education program leading to a degree, endorsement, or certificate is required to have a subscription to LiveText. Students in these programs who have not previously purchased LiveText are automatically charged a one-time fee* by Georgetown. Each student new to LiveText will receive an email with a key code and instructions on logging in to LiveText and setting up his/her online LiveText account.

LiveText is an online e-Portfolio, assessment, communication, and instructional planning system that will allow you to:

  • See courses, assignments, due dates, and instructor assessments upon login
  • Develop multiple, customized professional and personal e-Portfolios containing a variety of links and file types, including audio, video, and images.
  • Create template-based or “from scratch” lesson plans, rubrics and websites
  • Upload, store, and access all your academic work online, 24/7 with no space limitation.
  • Easily, electronically share work and e-Portfolios with instructors, classmates, and potential employers to showcase skills and accomplishments.
  • Connect your work to local, national and international standards required of teachers.

Video Testimonial: Some Important Benefits of LiveText

LiveText will be used throughout your program at Georgetown College. Any course with a major program assessment will require that the assignment be submitted via LiveText and portfolios will be constructed and submitted through LiveText. This submission of major assessment assignments and portfolios will only be accepted through LiveText. Students failing to submit required major assessment assignments/documentation through LiveText will not receive a passing grade in the course.


*The fee is a one-time expense, which covers five years of use. This means you will continue to be able to use all the tools in LiveText and access anything you have created or stored there for a full 5 years. After the initial 5-year membership period you may extend your subscription for a nominal fee through LiveText if you so desire, or you may download all of your materials from your LiveText account to your computer.



What will I see when I log in?

The dashboard is the main screen that shows Active Assignments, Active Documents, and Active Reviews. It also has tabs across the top of the screent to easily access other areas of an tools in the Livetext system. Click image of Dashboard below to enlarge LiveTextDashBoard

How to submit an assignment

  1. From the Dashboard, find the assignment and click on the corresponding Begin Assignment button.
  2. On the Assignment page, review the Assignment Details and Instructions and when you are ready to get your file(s), click on the Attach Files button. (Note that you will not be able to submit until you have attached at least one file.)
  3. Click the Browse button to choose a file from your local drive. Alternatively, click on the LiveText Documents tab to submit a document you have already created in your LiveText account, or click the Previous Files button to attach a file you have already uploaded to your LiveText File Manager.
  4. Click Attach Selected Files when you have attached all of the necessary files.
  5. Type any optional comments you wish to send to the instructor and click Submit Assignment when you are finished.
  6. A confirmation that your assessment has been successfully submitted will appear and the assignment status will change to Awaiting Assessment.

Portfolios in LiveText

This linked You Tube video will show you how to:

  1. create your program exit portfolio using the appropriate LiveText template
  2. submit your LiveText portfolio for assessment

Stay tuned for more instructions about how to create and share a professional presentation portfolio for employment purposes. While you’re waiting, a YouTube search will reveal hundreds of LiveText-related videos that will give you useful tips!

LiveText Support Documents

LiveText Support Contacts

Georgetown College Education Department LiveText Coordinator
Caleb Paull
(502) 863-7011

LiveText Tech Support
1-866-LiveText (1-866-548-3839)
Hours of Operation:
Monday to Thursday 8:00am to 10:00pm (Eastern Time)
Friday 8:00am to 7:00pm (Eastern Time)
Saturday Closed
Sunday 1:00pm to 10:00pm (Eastern Time)

Whom to contact for some common questions/concerns

  • I don’t see any courses – Campus LiveText Coordinator (Caleb Paull,, 502-863-7011)
  • I’m not seeing the right courses – (Caleb Paull,, 502-863-7011)
  • I need to speak with someone about getting a refund – Live Text Tech Support (, 1-866-548-3839)
  • I submitted the wrong thing! – Course Instructor
  • I can’t retract what I submitted – Course Instructor
  • My instructor says I need to resubmit my assignment – (Caleb Paull,, 502-863-7011)
  • I can’t remember my username – Live Text Tech Support (, 1-866-548-3839)
  • I can’t remember my password – Live Text Tech Support (, 1-866-548-3839)
  • I use LiveText at a different school and want to transfer my account – Live Text Tech Support (, 1-866-548-3839)
  • I recently changed my name. How do I change my name in LiveText? – Live Text Tech Support (, 1-866-548-3839)