This set of programs serves three kinds of candidates:

  1. Candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and wish to complete an initial teaching certification program related to serving students with mild disabilities (LBD).  Most of these candidates did undergraduate work in areas unrelated to education or special education and have no prior knowledge or skill in these fields. (Initial-Traditional Route)
  2. Candidates who already hold some kind of teaching certificate and wish to complete an additional certificate, often in order to serve included students with disabilities in general education classrooms. (Advanced)
  3. Candidates who have an opportunity to work as full-time LBD teachers on a temporary provisional teaching certificate who must be enrolled in an alternative LBD certification program in order to secure and maintain their teaching position. (Initial-Alternative Route)

These are practitioner-based programs with required field hours in five courses (hours that are spent in schools with students and an LBD-certified mentor).  Candidates, who are not employed in a full-time temporary provisional LBD capacity but are working towards initial certification, student teach for 14 weeks with LBD-certified teachers in schools across the state.  Georgetown’s Graduate Education program placement personnel make field and student teaching placements in the candidate’s county of residence.

Other key information about the LBD programs:

  • Because the programs lead to P-12 certification, students must do field and student/mentored teaching hours in placements involving students in elementary, middle, and high school.
  • The LBD programs involve either 39 credit hours (candidates who already hold one teaching certificate in the state of Kentucky) or 42 credit hours (candidates earning an initial certificate) and can be completed in as little as 18 months.
  • All classes are offered in an online format. Candidates must pass one PRAXIS exam to both complete this program and earn LBD P-12 certification.
  • Coursework offered relates to:  assessment; behavioral principles to make use of, shape, develop, or eliminate student behavior; educational strategies for LBD; differentiation of lesson planning; and collaborating with families.

Application Requirements for LBD

Program Director

Dr. Anita Jones