If you are an initial, traditional-route candidate (not currently a certified teacher), you are required to complete 200 hours of early field work prior to your student teaching semester and to complete 70 days (or equivalent) in the classroom during student teaching. These placements have specific requirements, and you will be working closely with your professors, advisor, and our field placement officer to make sure you are completing the required field work. You are required to document your field experiences. Be sure you:

  1. Check with your advisor for details about the specific field experience requirements associated with your program.
  2. Check with your professor(s) to see if there are any requirements specific to your course(s).

Once you have done these things, follow the procedures below to arrange, perform, and report on your field experiences.

Step 1: Request a Field Placement

Please click the appropriate course(s) below,  and complete the form to request assistance with an early field placement.

EDU/ECE 542 or EDU/ECE 565

ECE 575 A&B

ECE 576

ECE 608

For information on field placements for the MAIC program (EDU 552, EDU 535, EDU 536), please contact Dr. Jim Simpson, program director.

Step 2: Print Forms for Collection

While you are in the field, you will need to collect detailed information about each experience. Download the  form linked below and print copies to take with you.

Download the form

(Note: Make sure you collect all of the data indicated on the form for each experience. The systems below will not accept partially complete experiences. Also, if your experience spans multiple class periods, each period should be treated as a separate experience.)

Step 3: Enter the field experience data you collected into the Georgetown College Education Department field experience system

After you have completed your field experience, enter the information into the department’s field experience system.

Enter data here.


If you do not know your student ID, please refer to the following instructions to obtain it:

Log into the Home Portal > My Information (Near the bottom of the screen) or https://my.georgetowncollege.edu/ICS/My_Information.jnz – GC ID will be listed on this page.

Step 4: Enter the field experience data you collected into the Kentucky Field Experience Tracking System (KFETS)

Notice: The KFETS system is still under construction by the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board and is currently unavailable. All candidates will be notified once the system is available for use.

Other Documents related to Field Experiences

Field Experiences Policies and procedures for the Education Unit