ESL teachers fulfill a critical role in P-12 education as advocates for immigrant students and their families and as school facilitators, guiding children to achieve their fullest academic potential. These educators must be prepared to assume an active role in their schools and districts, collaborating with mainstream teachers to help non-English-speaking students succeed academically and culturally. Kentucky needs skillful and compassionate teacher leaders to serve this ever-increasing student population. The Georgetown College ESL endorsement program is designed to help you develop the skills and competencies to become an ESL teacher leader in your school or district.

Our ESL endorsement is aligned with the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) guidelines and all professional requirements set forth by TESOL. The rigorous coursework, experiences, and assessments work in concert to give candidates the skills to pass the PRAXIS exam and to meet all standards set forth by the EPSB. Candidates are responsible for registering for and passing the PRAXIS exam before an endorsement recommendation can be sent to the EPSB.

dr. broady with students

This program consists of five courses (15 credit hours). Although the program is delivered fully online, the courses and assessments are classroom-based and expose candidates to the real world of ESL needs. Required courses relate to topics including ESL teaching methods; assessment and culture; linguistic theory and analysis; leadership in the ESL field; and working/communicating with immigrant families. Our program works closely with school districts, the Kentucky Department of Education, EPSB, the title III office, and the professional ESL community, addressing the latest initiatives and mandates in coursework to ensure that candidates stay current in their field. Candidates build a strong community of practice, using social media and other forms of technology to collaborate, create, and share knowledge with one another.

Come join our professional network, and get prepared for a career that provides personal satisfaction. You can make a difference in students’ lives!

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Dr. Christel Broady