Since there is no current Kentucky certification in the area of Autism Spectrum Disorder, this program is designed to assist any teacher or person who has a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with the opportunity to learn more about how to work with students identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

This program consists of four courses (12 credit hours) with practicum application of the strategies and demonstration of skills to work with students with this disorder. The classes may be taken as a single course or two for information purposes. These courses are provided in an on-line format with some site workshops for hands on experiences and practicum experiences.

Candidates applying only for this cognate program will apply online as a special student pursuing a cognate only. Candidates who wish to take these classes as a part of a MAED Teacher Leader or Rank I program fill out the same online application, but select the appropriate degree program plus the Autism Spectrum Disorder Cognate.

Curriculum Contract

Program Director

Dr. Melody Deprez