English as a Second Language Endorsement

Welcome to the information page for teachers who are interested in receiving more training in working with students with home languages and cultures other than English. ESL teachers fulfill a critical role in K-12 education as advocates for immigrant students and their families and as facilitators of helping schools to guide children to achieve their fullest academic potential.

Kentucky is in great need of skillful and compassionate teachers for the ever increasing number of non-English speaking populations in our public schools. The Georgetown College ESL endorsement program is designed to help you become such an ESL teacher leader in your school or district.

dr. broady with studentsWho Should Apply?

The Endorsement program is open to applicants who¬†hold a professional teaching certificate¬†and thus qualify for endorsements in Kentucky. Candidates¬† apply for admission online and indicate they are a special student applying for “endorsement only”.

The ESL endorsement program involves 15 credit hours or five three-hour graduate courses.  Required courses relate to ESL teaching methods; assessment and culture; linguistic theory and analysis; leadership in the ESL field; and working/communicating with immigrant families.

For those interested in acquiring skills but not seeking state licensure, Georgetown College offers a option different from the Endorsement. This program (called ESL Cognate) was designed for those individuals who want to serve students better in their regular classrooms, for those seeking to teach overseas, or missionaries preparing for trips overseas.

The Endorsement Program

The program is aligned with National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) guidelines and all professional requirements set forth by TESOL to represent the best professional practice in the field. The rigorous course work, experiences, and assessment pieces are carefully scaffolded to give candidates the skills to pass the PRAXIS exam and to meet all standards set forth by the EPSB. Specifically, the following standards are met: EPSB Themes, KY Experienced Teacher Standards, TESOL Standards, and NCATE standards.

Please review up-to-date information on  Endorsement Requirements and the required  PRAXIS exam . Find information on Highly Qualified Teachers on  http://www.kyepsb.net/nclb.asp Most importantly, program participants will learn advocacy and collaboration strategies, in addition to skills of teaching language and culture acquisition. Such skills are important because it is not just important to teach children in the best way but to also to reach out to immigrant families and to help other teachers and administrators in schools to also be successful in their interactions with immigrant populations.


Delivery Mode

Even though the program is fully delivered online, the program and course assessments are classroom-based and expose candidates to the real world of ESL needs. In addition to earning the endorsement online, the course work has a strong focus on the use of technology to increase teacher skills. In addition, the program stresses leadership development so that candidates are trained to assume an active role in their communities in ESL and advocacy matters.

Program Duration

The entire program can be completed in Fall, Spring, and Summer if so desired. However, course work requires a fair amount of time, energy, and activity in schools. Most program completers prefer to take just one course per semester and two courses in the summer. Before the completion of the program, candidates are responsible for registering for and passing the PRAXIS exam before a recommendation for the endorsement can be sent to the EPSB.


  • EDU 580¬† ESL Teaching Methods and Techniques¬† Lesson Plan Project¬† 3 hours
  • EDU 581¬† ESL Assessment and Culture¬† Assessment Project¬† 3 hours
  • EDU 583¬† ESL Linguistic Theory and Analysis¬† Linguistic Project¬† 3 hours
  • EDU 585¬† ESL Leadership¬† Advocacy Project¬† 3 hours
  • EDU 587¬† Communicating with Immigrants Culture Project¬† 3 hours

It Takes More Than Coursework to Close the Achievement Gap…


Program completers are prepared to be advocates for immigrant families in their schools and communities by leading by example. This charge is grounded in Georgetown College’s overall program model and Conceptual Framework. All students are expected to meet the Georgetown disposition standards.

Collaboration Skills

Since program completers will face a world where K-12 students who do not master the English language and culture cannot succeed in the regular classrooms it is imperative that ESL professionals can successfully collaborate with mainstream teachers. Most classroom teachers or administrators have no background in ESL and would benefit from individualized strategies for their ESL students. It is only in the school-wide collaboration that a culture of success for all students can be established. Georgetown College seeks to prepare leaders who can be part of such a culture and who are able to “make their case” for each student to help them all to succeed academically and culturally. Therefore, program completers are prepared to be leaders in their school.

Professional Networking

ESL program candidates are expected to be part of the professional community and professional organizations. They are encouraged to be members of the KY TESOL organization and contribute to the overall profession by submitting book reviews, presentation at the conference or other leadership activities. Dr. Broady, the program director, tries to model active professional involvement. The program works closely with school districts, the KDE, EPSB, and the title III office. New initiatives and mandates are addressed in coursework to achieve an always current group of program completers. Courses are modified each semester if needed to always present the latest development in the field.

Come and join other dedicated professionals in a program that creates a network with other teachers and schools for many years to come. Most importantly, become trained for a career that can provide much personal satisfaction. Make a difference in many students’ lives!

* The term ESL is used in this program because of the endorsement name used by State agencies. In Kentucky schools, you will find many other acronyms for students with home languages other than English.

Curriculum Contract

Program Director

Dr. Christel Broady


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