As of September 1, 2012, the state of Kentucky has changed the requirements for candidates entering initial (first) teaching programs starting January, 2013.  These changes affect all prospective students applying to the LBD program for an initial certificate and those applying to MA-AC.  We are here to help you with the process of meeting this new requirement.

The major change is that candidates must pass the math (5730), reading (5710), and writing (5720) subtests of the PRAXIS 1 or Pre-Professional Skills Assessment of Basic Knowledge Test (PPST) or the GRE.  We recommend that students consider taking the PPST.

PRAXIS 1:  Pre-Professional Skills Assessment of Basic Knowledge Test (PPST) is written and adminstered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) (www.ets.org) of Princeton, NJ.  The test is offered in computer and paper formats across the state of KY and involves both multiple choice items (math, reading) and an essay (writing).

We recommend that candidates consider the computer format because the sites that offer this format test almost continuously.   The candidate sees the final grade for the reading and math subtest immediately; they flash across the computer screen.  The results of the writing test come back in about two weeks.  The paper version takes twice as long to be graded and the scores take longer to get back to us.  Check the www.ets.org website for dates and sites for either the paper or computer-based test.  Then register online at the site for the test.

If you believe your performance on the test would be better if you took the paper test, then DO take it that way; it will be worth the wait or delay.  We have flexible entry into our programs and we will just start you the very next semester.

Go to www.ets.org to locate a testing site and to register for the PPST.  Final scores must be received by the Assistant Dean of Graduate Education Admissions by the application deadline for an upcoming semester.  However, if you have been working diligently to complete admission requirements and have completed all of the steps involved in the admission process (including participation in the final admission meeting) with the exception of receipt of PPST scores, we will extend the deadline for you.  If it gets very close to the start of the semester, and we still do not have receipt of scores in our office, but you have confirmation of the scores because they are posted at your private ETS/PRAXIS account site, you can scan and send us a screen shot for that account.

Lynn_Mayo@georgetowncollege.edu (or 502-863-7960) can work with you on the timing of issuing financial aid.  She cannot approve a level of financial support until you are fully admitted, and that includes receipt of PPST scores.  However, if the FAFSA report has been submitted, and Lynn can see that you are eligible for funds, she can talk to the business office about not billing you and allowing you to pay when the financial aid funds come through.  Or you can make a 25% payment and set up a payment plan until financial aid arrangements have been finalized.  Lynn will work with you beyond the start of the semester to put the funds in place.

ETS also provides accommodations for candidates with documented disabilities, payment waivers on a first come first served basis, and prep materials that can be downloaded from their website.

Contact the Graduate Education Admissions office at 502-863-8380 with further questions.

For more information concerning PPST prep materials available through ETS, click here.


PPST Paper-Format Testing Dates/Registration Deadlines 2012-2013:

Test Date Regular Extended Emergency Scores Available
9-22-12 8-23-12 8-30-12 9-14-12 within 1 month
11-3-12 10-4-12 10-11-12 10-26-12 within 1 month
01-26-13 12-27-12 01-03-13 01-18-13 within 1 month
04-13-13 03-14-13 03-21-13 04-05-13 within 1 month
06-08-13 05-09-13 05-16-13 05-31-13 within 1 month
07-20-13 06-20-13 06-27-13 07-12-13 within 1 month


Test Center Locations and Phone Numbers:

Bowling Green – 270-745-3159

Florence – 859-442-1159

Lexington – 859-268-3338

Louisville – 502-423-0478 or 502-852-6607

Murray  Р270-809-6851





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