Criteria for Admission into Student Teaching

  • Each student teacher candidate must have the following materials on file in the Education Department before registering for Education 315 and Education 329 (elementary students) and Education 337 (secondary students):
    • student teaching application (see Forms section below)

In addition, the student must meet the following criteria:

  • Each student must have been admitted to the Teacher Education Program and must have been in residence at Georgetown College for at least one semester prior to student teaching.
  • Each candidate for student teaching must be approved by the Teacher Education Committee. Acceptance into the Teacher Education Program does not mean automatic approval for student teaching.
  • Each student teacher candidate must submit a copy of a current medical examination, including a tuberculosis test 30 days before the beginning of the semester in which the student plans to do student teaching.
  • Each student must have completed a minimum of 200 hours of clinical and field-based experiences prior to student teaching. Transfer students must provide documentation of field and clinical hours earned at other colleges.

The student teacher candidate shall have achieved the following academic requirements:

  • An overall academic standing of at least 2.75.
  • An academic standing of 2.75 in the teaching major/specialty area or a 2.5 – 2.74 average and a passing score on the PRAXIS Specialty Area Test(s)
  • Approval by the major department–including recommendations by major professors attesting to subject matter competency and possession of the qualities desired in teachers.  Signed curriculum contracts.
  • Completion of all required prerequisite professional education courses with an academic standing of at least 2.75.

Student teaching candidates are also required to submit a professional portfolio, which includes:

  • A lesson plan that you have developed and taught. The lesson plan should be comprehensive and should include evidence of student learning and a corresponding reflection and analysis.
  • Your philosophy of education and professional growth plan.  This essay should include a reflection on your beliefs about teaching and learning, along with your goals for professional growth.  Your professional growth plan should relate your skills and dispositions to those outlined in the program’s Conceptual Framework and to your own personal education philosophy.
  • Student Teacher portfolios are due on or before fall semester September 15 or spring semester February 1.
  • Student teacher candidates must become student members of the National and Kentucky Education Associations–in order to receive liability insurance coverage during the student teaching experience.
  • Exiting Praxis exams are recommended the semester before student teaching begins The Praxis Series website: More information may be obtained in the EDU office.

Field Placement Information

Field placements are very important components to teacher education courses. You will receive information about the specific requirements for your Field Placement from your professor. Be sure you understand all of the guidelines below:

  • Student Assignments will be posted on the EDU Office bulletin board
  • Students must contact assigned classroom teacher via e-mail
  • Student and teacher agree upon scheduled visits to classroom
  • Student is responsible for turning in all paperwork