The Middle Grades Education Program is a series of courses and experiences leading to certification. Students must complete a Georgetown College major and specific courses from one major or two areas of emphasis chosen from the following:

  • English/Communication: Take thirty semester hours in English and Communications including English 211, 213, 302, 316, 318, 320, Communication 200 and 308, and Theater 220.
  • Mathematics: Requires eighteen hours including Math 121, 122, 221, 301, 335, and 3 additional hours above 221.
  • Science: Twenty-four semester hours are required, nine of which must be in biology. In addition, students must take nine additional hours from either chemistry, physics, or earth science. The final six hours must be taken from the remaining two disciplines. All four areas must include a laboratory experience.
  • Social Studies: Twenty-seven semester hours are required including United States History (6 hours), World Civilization (6 hours), World Geography (3 hours), Political Science (3 hours), Economics (3 hours), Sociology (3 hours), Psychology (3 hours).

In addition, students must earn 30 hours of professional education courses: EDU 131, 233, 307, 309, 326, 333 or 339 or 341 or 343, 345, 423, and 471-472.

To be recommended for certification as a teacher, a student must complete all requirements for the Kentucky Provisional Certificate and successfully complete PRAXIS Examinations in both areas of emphasis.