Faculty & Staff

Yoli Carter
Yoli Carter • Dean of Education

Office Location: Anderson Hall, Room 102
Phone: (502) 863.7967
Email: yolanda_carter@georgetowncollege.edu

Courses Taught:

  • ESL Methods
  • ESL Linguistics
  • ESL Assessment
  • Multiculturalism
  • ESL Practicum
  • Reading and the Bilingual Child
  • Teaching in a Diverse Society
  • Closing the Achievement Gap
  • Implementing Culturally Responsive Literacy and Content Instruction

Educational Background:

  • Bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona in Elementary Bilingual Education
  • Master’s degree from Northern Arizona University in Multicultural Education
  • Ph.D. from Kansas State University in Curriculum and Instruction

Research Interests:

  • Second language acquisition
  • Multicultural education
  • Literacy instruction for second language learners
  • Recruitment and retention of undergraduate students from underrepresented groups
  • Sociology of education
  • Sociopolitical aspects of school change
  • Professional Affiliations:
  • National Association of Bilingual Education
  • National Council for Teachers of Mathematics
  • National Council for Supervisors of Mathematics
  • Kentucky Teachers for Speakers of Other Language

Angela Cox
Angela Cox • Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education

Office Location: Anderson Hall, Room 140
Phone: (502) 863.8155
Email: Angela_Cox@georgetowncollege.edu

Courses Taught:

  • EDU 329- Teaching Reading/Literacy in the Elementary School
  • EDU 562- Research and Practice: Assessing and Facilitating Students’ Literacy Development Part I
  • EDU 563- Reading Practice and Intervention

Educational Background:

  • Ed.D from the University of Kentucky (Curriculum and Instruction Administration) 2005
  • MA as a Reading Specialist from UK (2000)
  • BA in Elementary Education from UK (1992)

Research Interests:

  • Multicultural Education
  • Culturally Responsive Literacy
  • Teacher Belief/Efficacy
  • Professional Affiliations
  • American Educational Research Association
  • National Reading Association
  • Kentucky Association of Professional Educators
  • International Reading Association

Carol M. Williams
Carol M. Williams • Director of Field Experiences

Office Location: Anderson Hall, Room 136
Phone: (502) 863.7043
Email: carol_williams@georgetowncollege.edu

Lisa Eddy
Lisa Eddy • Assistant Professor of Education

Office Location: Anderson Hall, Room 139
Phone: 502-863-8170
Email: Lisa_eddy@georgetowncollege.edu

Chris Sharp • Administrative Assistant for Undergraduate Education

Office Location: Anderson Hall, Room 136
Phone: (502) 863.8177
Email: chris_sharp@georgetowncollege.edu

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  • Information on admission to Teacher Education
    and Student Teaching Programs
  • Praxis Registration information
  • Education Department forms
  • Job placement
  • Certification for undergraduates
  • Field Placement information

Courtney Warren • Student Support Staff

Office Location: Anderson Hall