When will I get an education advisor?

The advisor list is developed from information sheets distributed in early EDU 131.

How do I know who my advisor will be?

Student advisors are posted on the bulletin board in the EDU hall (basement of Anderson Hall)

What if I don’t have an education advisor?

Contact the Administrative Assistant (Chris Sharp) in the Education Office at 863-8177.

How do I meet with my education advisor?

Students must schedule an appointment with their advisors by either calling, e-mailing, or dropping by their office.

I already have an advisor. Why do I need an education advisor also?

Your education advisor will be more knowledgeable about the courses you need to complete in order to meet all of your teacher education requirements.

How do I make my education advisor my official college advisor?

Go to the Registrar’s Office to change to EDU advisors.

How do I know which classes to take when?

Consult your curriculum contract. This will list the requirements for each education program