The following teacher preparation programs are offered by Georgetown College and are approved by the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board as a basis for the issuance of the corresponding teaching certification.

Teaching Certification Areas

Bobby Jo Mattingly classroomDeveloping scholars who are competent and caring educators, committed to a spirit of service and learning

This phrase serves as the theme and philosophical basis that guides the “dynamics” of the teacher education program at Georgetown College.

This philosophy embraces an ethic of caring coupled with excellence in curriculum design and professional practice. These concepts are best expressed in the program model depicted above, which includes three primary domains:

  1. Professional Skills and Competencies,
  2. Professional Values and Dispositions, and
  3. Reflective Practice.

A variety of classroom and on-campus experiences, extensive fieldwork, and continuous counseling and evaluation of students are integral components of the Teacher Education Program, and serve to meet the following objectives:

  • to send teachers into the workforce who possess the professional skills and competencies necessary for effecting high levels of achievement for all students;
  • to send teachers into the workforce who have the professional values and dispositions necessary for creating supportive and constructive learning communities;
  • to send teachers into the workforce who engage in continuous reflective practice in order to improve their own teaching, increase student learning, and to make positive changes in their school and communities.
  • Within this framework, bachelor’s degree level students are able to meet Kentucky’s Teacher Standards for Preparation and Certification.

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