Georgetown College is supported by a Guiding Coalition, which includes representatives of faculty, staff, students and members of the community. Formed in December 2007, the Guiding Coalition provides leadership and guidance to the Georgetown College community in furthering the awareness and importance of diversity.

The Coalition is charged with advising the President and with assisting the College in the planning, development, implementation, communication and evaluation of the College’s diversity initiatives and programs.

The Guiding Coalition Members

  • Michael Lee, Executive Director – LSAMP (University of Kentucky)
  • Dr. Willis Polk, Senior Pastor – Imani Baptist Church – Lexington
  • Robert Voll, Retired Human Resources – Lexmark
  • Charlene Walker – VP for Multicultural Affairs – BGT&CC (Bluegrass Technical & Community College)
  • Ivy Barksdale, Retired – Diversity Program Manager for Lexmark
  • Isabel Taylor, Coordinator – Multicultural Affairs for LFCG
  • Adela Borrallo-Solis, Assistant Professor Mod/Class Lang. Culture, Georgetown College
  • Bill Cronin, Head Football Coach, Georgetown College
  • Brian Evans, Director of Athletics, Georgetown College
  • George Baker, Campus Safety, Georgetown College
  • Lincoln Stone, Student, Georgetown College
  • Dr. William Parker, Diversity Consultant
  • Zilpha Bebe, Student, Georgetown College
  • Dr. Yolanda Carter, Assistant Prof. of Literacy Graduate Studies, Georgetown College
  • Dr. Ragan Lookadoo, Associate Professor of Psychology, Georgetown College
  • Robbi Barber, Administrative Assistant, Office of Diversity, Georgetown College