The Young Scholars in the Baptist Academy is an initiative of Georgetown College.  Planning began in 2002 and issued in the first seminar at Georgetown in 2004. The development and funding of the startup was provided by the Lilly Endowment grant to the college in 2000.  Sustaining institutions are Georgetown College, Baylor, Mercer, Missouri Baptist, and Samford Universities. These institutions, along with private gifts, contribute the funding for YSBA.  The average cost for an international destination seminar is $21,000, and for a domestic seminar $14,000.  YSBA seeks additional financial support to continue international destinations for the seminar in order to develop a broader global perspective on Baptist scholars, institutions, and theological resources.

Vision statement:

We are scholars and educators who call Baptists from across the disciplines to attend to the ways we educate for the love and glory of the triune God. Our aim is to sustain and strengthen Baptist higher education and the gift of itself to the broader academic environment.  We hope to call forth from the Baptist academy a community of scholars to join our work of preparing younger scholars for an ideal scholarly community that exhibits a theological vision inflected by Baptist communities’ practices, convictions, texts, and traditions.  We pursue these goals because of our longing for a vital, fully faithful church of Jesus Christ.

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